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The AFRI.CAN™ vision is to industrialize rural Africa with complete, strong, sustainable and smart AFRI.CAN™ micro-factories, business incubators and agro-processing facilities for SME's of entrepreneurs and cooperatives.
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Afri.Can Microfactories launches contactless access control terminalAfri.Can Microfactories recently launched the first Afri.Can Good to Go prototype. Companies and institutions need rapid, dignified access to their buildings and premises, while having peace of mind that risks are reduced. To address this need Afri.Can Microfactories led a team of experts, including Steyn Calitz, Innovative Modular Concepts, ERS Biometric, Motla Consulting Engineers and Jackal Design to create a strong, safe access registration gate to be placed at public spaces such as schools, airports, train stations, taxi ranks, sports stadiums as well as malls, office buildings, factories, etc. Anywhere where there are hundreds of people passing through a gate or stepping onto premises there is risk involved. 2 Feb 2021 Read more

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Philip Jonker
Email: moc.edervetlew@pilihp
Tel: +27(0)84 588 6540

Steyn Fullard
Email: az.oc.seirotcaforcim@ofni
Tel: +27(0) 83 381 4922

Imagine the hope this would give to the community who grows and supplies the raw product.
No long distance travelling with produce to markets anymore.
Imagine the value this will add to the community.
Imagine the empowerment and skills development, the hope to women and youth.