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BusinessTech focusses primarily on business and technology news, but also covers a wide variety of topics that are relevant to the South African public - from health, wealth and lifestyle, to science, politics and general interest.
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How BusinessTech became South Africa's largest business publicationBusinessTech is the largest business news website in the country, and is read by eight million South Africans every month. 19 Jun 2020 Read more

BusinessTech now reaches 8 million South Africans every monthBusinessTech has cemented its place as the biggest business news website in South Africa, reaching eight million South African readers in May 2020. 3 Jun 2020 Read more

A top trick for great content marketingContent marketing is a powerful tool - with sponsored articles and reviews the most trusted form of advertising among South African professionals and executives. 28 May 2020 Read more

B2B and B2C - Why BusinessTech is the best place to advertiseBusinessTech is the largest business news website in South Africa, read by over five million people each month. 20 May 2020 Read more

2020 South African Business Marketing Report releasedBusinessTech has released the 2020 Business Marketing Report, revealing the best ways for South African companies to advertise. 14 May 2020 Read more

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