The key to retention is a positive customer experienceCustomers expect quite a lot these days, and that's because it is being offered to them by other businesses. They are well-connected and they know what's out there. If you're not one of those businesses going the extra mile for your customers, you will probably find that they're not spending their money with you. 2 May 2019 Read more >>

Staying ahead of the customer experience curveAs a business, brand or retailer, you are constantly looking for ways to retain your customers and keep them engaged. If you've already cottoned onto the fact that customer experience is the right route to follow, then kudos to you! Only thing is, the customer experience landscape is constantly changing, so how do you stay ahead of the curve? 30 Apr 2019 Read more >>

Build a customer experience-driven business in 2019You've heard about customer experience, maybe you're still on the fence about it, but the evidence to support its importance is there! Customers hold all the cards. They know how to wield their power to get what they want, and if you want to impress them, you need to get on board with how they think and what they expect. 14 Mar 2019 Read more >>

How to use customer feedback to create actionable changeAs customer experience grows as the key differentiator between businesses offering the same services or products, brands need to be listening to their customers. 3 Jul 2018 Read more >>

Four ways technology delivers a personalised retail customer experienceAcross the competitive landscape of the retail industry, we are starting to see a massive trend as retailers adopt more technological practices in order to enhance their customer experience. It has been accepted that the customer is at the centre of every retailer marketing efforts and that by ensuring that all practices are geared towards the customer, you are better prepared for positive outcomes. 6 Jun 2018 Read more >>

Creating great CX through engaged employeesGreat customer experience is the holy grail of business. After all, if the customer journey is satisfying and helps the customer achieve success, they're far more likely to become a loyal customer, even a brand ambassador. How do you create better customer experiences, though? Start with engaged employees. 24 Apr 2018 Read more >>

Customer experience is not user experience (and why this distinction matters)User experience (UX) is not customer experience (CX). CX spans everything from the perceptions customers build using a company's web store to customer service, product trials and more. How are the two interlinked and how can good UX improve overall CX? 4 Apr 2017 Read more >>

How to show the value of customer experienceBefore you commit to changes to your customer experience, you first need to know - within a narrow margin of error - just how much financial benefit there is to gain. Implementing a customer-focused strategy is a great way to improve customer experience and resulting revenue, but you first need to realise the degree of value attached to different customer experiences in different segments of your market. 20 Jul 2016 Read more >>

The what, why and how of mapping the customer journeyStories differ from hard facts. Facts make yes/no or true/false statements. A story gives a more complex, compelling picture. It tells you not just that a customer was acquired, but also how and why. Digital marketers have long been savvy to the fact that storytelling is the key to greater customer engagement. But stories also give companies more detailed ways to understand said engagement - customers' underlying motivations and objectives - and take insightful corresponding action. 20 Apr 2016 Read more >>

Using measurement and evaluation to unlock marketing potentialAny tailor worth his salt will always follow the old guideline of measuring twice to ensure that there is no waste of cloth and that the end result is exactly what the client requested. The same approach is used today in business where measurement and evaluation are at the foundation of successful marketing strategies. 4 Nov 2015 Read more >>

Investing in company culture to drive customer experienceThe term 'company culture' is often used by management gurus who stress that without an idealised version of this ephemeral term, a company is rudderless and doomed to flounder on the competitive shores of today's fast paced business environment. 21 Oct 2015 Read more >>

The importance of customer experience in the digital ageUser experience (UX) has become a "buzz word" in digital marketing in the last few years, and it's not just stirring up interest, it is changing the way that digital solutions are being created. Having an understanding of what UX is at its core will help us unpack the topic a little easier. 14 Oct 2015 Read more >>

Taxi research sheds light on SA consumers and brandsWith taxi commuters making up 69% of the South African workforce (source), they are a driving factor in our economy, not to mention a large representation of the SA consumer market. 19 Nov 2014 Read more >>

The remedy for research headachesAs a research manager operating in today's business environment, you might feel a little hopeless when it comes to making your budget work for your business, and at the same time, not being every research providers worst nightmare. 16 Sep 2014 Read more >>

The Dos and Don'ts of online surveysWith online surveys being the bread and butter of almost every organisation's annual research budget, it's important to know how to get the most out of your spend. However, as research providers we are often faced with having to make the impossible work, instead of working well with the possible. 4 Sep 2014 Read more >>

Don't be customer experience shortsightedCustomer experience ROI 21 Aug 2014 Read more >>

Trend: Online consumer tribesIn the past, well, the days before the internet and e-commerce, people would actually believe adverts on the TV and of course the opinions of their neighbours, family and friends. 14 Aug 2014 Read more >>

What do cupcakes, sex, Kenyan tourists, your salary and Twitter have in common?Well, what may be seemingly random information to one person may be valuable insights to another. The common thread with all great research though, is that it answers questions. It finds links, patterns and commonalities in previously grey areas. Observe... 7 Aug 2014 Read more >>

Are the social media rants actually your companies fault?Just a quick glance at Hellopeter will tell you that no matter how prominent and reputable a company may be, they still make mistakes. 31 Jul 2014 Read more >>

Taxis - the new vehicle for researchAccording to the National Household Travel Survey in 2013, 69% of people in South Africa use taxis to get to work, with the majority of this statistic residing in Gauteng (source). 24 Jul 2014 Read more >>

How to grow your SME through researchFollowing our previous piece on the downside of Internal Market Research, we've had some feedback from SMEs regarding the logistical and cost limitations of small to medium enterprises regarding market research. 19 Jun 2014 Read more >>

Taking the mystery out of customer experience measurementBy 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator (Source). It is therefore essential for every B2C (and B2B, but that's another article) organisation to focus on the customer experience they are delivering, and to have a means to draw an accurate picture of that experience. 5 Jun 2014 Read more >>

The downside of internal market researchWith cost-cutting exercises being a reality for the majority of companies out there, it may seem an attractive prospect to cut out the external research provider budget and scrap the supplier list for your own internal research department. 29 May 2014 Read more >>

Is self-service a waste of time?More and more companies are trying to move with the times, and their shrinking budgets, by migrating their customers from traditional channels of service like call centres to self-service apps. 27 Mar 2014 Read more >>

The app gapMillions of people in South Africa access the internet using their smartphones (source), and this is just a fraction of the global smartphone-internet user base. 20 Mar 2014 Read more >>

Why you need to start paying attention to Gen YThere's a running joke doing the rounds that Gen Y's are delusional yuppies who do nothing more than waste time and space inflating their egos. 13 Mar 2014 Read more >>

Avoid being the one hit wonder company this Valentine's DayFirst off, Valentine's Day is great, we have nothing against Valentine's Day, or grand displays of affection for that matter - but Valentine's Day doesn't define a relationship. 14 Feb 2014 Read more >>

Home[page] improvementsUpdating a website is a lot like renovating your family home. Sure it's going to be an improvement, but you also have anxieties about where the family photos will go, and what to do with all those sentimental knickknacks you've accumulated over the years. 11 Feb 2014 Read more >>

Make company culture a resolution in 2014New Year's resolutions are all about improving your life and becoming a better person, so in the spirit of growth and meaningful change, we'd like to propose a resolution that you can actually stick to - and one that'll affect lasting change. 28 Jan 2014 Read more >>

Industry predictions for 2014When it comes to research and customer experience, the environment is far from static. The only way to ensure that your organisation is getting the most out of their budget is to keep up to date with current trends and best practices. 23 Jan 2014 Read more >>

Spreading warmth and touching lives...Recent urban statistics reveal that there are over 800 000 homeless people living on the streets of Johannesburg. Many say that for them winter is a hopeless time, having the authorities chasing them from street corners and experiencing a scarcity of food and donations. With winter fast approaching, we wanted to help make it a different reality. 14 May 2013 Read more >>

Where does UX fit into your new company website?A common misconception that most organisations have is that user experience is created by a UX professional. Although components that build a user experience can be engineered and purposely improved by UX professionals, without them your digital touch point still provides a user experience, whether intentional or not. 13 Mar 2013 Read more >>

An honest look at online researchThere's no denying that the internet offers the research industry an incredible opportunity to reach consumers in their comfort zone. Especially with the growing African mobile market, now more than ever, it's easier to reach a wider range of respondents online. 14 Feb 2013 Read more >>

The problem with promotions, activations and branded eventsThere's a lot that could go wrong when it comes to promotions, activations and branded events - and most importantly, there are no do overs or retakes. 21 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Reimagining the call centreAdmittedly, the title of this piece sounds a little like a performance art show but what it really means, is going back to the drawing board - and putting some ingenuity and imagination back into the call centre. 1 Nov 2012 Read more >>

The culture of CX (Customer Experience)Culture speaks of the values and practices shared by the members of a particular group. So when this is applied to business, the group is actually your company - and by extension your customers. 20 Sep 2012 Read more >>

Making a connection with the customerThis isn't another scathing piece on how outdated marketing is, or how useless promotions and advertisements are when it comes to building customer loyalty - no really, it isn't. 28 Aug 2012 Read more >>

A lesson in customer loyaltyI'm a bit of an early riser and for various reasons I prefer to get to work at 6 every morning, but getting up early is not easy, especially in Johannesburg where the temperature is almost always single figures in the wee hours of the morning. So I like to take the edge off by getting covered up head to toe in the warmest clothes I have (hey, don't chastise me, I'm a Durbanite), and I have to buy a cup of coffee in the morning - just to jumpstart my day. 14 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Qualitative research made simpleEver heard of MROCs? 26 Jul 2012 Read more >>

An exciting new chapter for Absa Financial Services and Interact RDTA considerable challenge facing any large business today is how to achieve sustainable success. While delivering high quality products and services is a great way to start, in today's corporate environment it's come to be expected. Consumers want something beyond the expected, and they are loyal to brands that can deliver it. 4 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Flipping the traditional on its head - a challenge for any CEOIf we look at a typical company operating in any industry today, the CEO arguably has the most important job and responsibilities within the business. In fact, it's up to the CEO to make sure his/her business is successful both now, and in the long run. So why do some CEOs do their jobs well, and still see poor turnovers and customer losses on a daily basis. It might not have anything to do with the CEO, but rather the business model itself. 22 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Three simple reasons to invest in customer experienceThis isn't a 'get customers and keep them for life' piece, nor is it a warning that if you don't invest in customer experience your brand is most likely going to fail in the long run. Although a well strategised customer experience can build brand-customer loyalty and potentially boost the longevity of a brand, it's not the focus of this write-up, nor is the intention to sell customer experience. 30 May 2012 Read more >>

Employees - a brand's greatest assetWhile products and services are what businesses sell, brand loyalty is a key aspect of good business. And loyalty is largely built through the personal interactions that happen every day between employees and customers. Even further than that, it is the shared ethos within a company that moves a business from simply providing products and services, to growing relationships and delivering experiences. 3 May 2012 Read more >>

In the past, companies would only ever do customer research if their products weren't selling, their services weren't popular, or if they were trying to launch something new. Today it has moved into a far more valued and useful space, but there are leaps and bounds still to be made in the field. We at Interact RDT believe that the customer experience research of tomorrow will dictate entire strategies, enhance profits and take customers from using brands, to being a part of them. That's why we are proud to announce the next step in our research, design and technology - The Experience Dashboard. 18 Apr 2012 Read more >>

At Interact we have been hosting short Insights Seminars following the great success we had at the Marcus Evans conference in 2010. We are soon going to be launching an all new Insights Seminar in 2011. 13 Apr 2011 Read more >>

More and more we see our daily lives being influenced by technology in ways we might have never imagined and as time goes by we can't live without these technologies. However we don't see the same rapid uptake of technology within the South African research community. 13 Apr 2011 Read more >>

The South African research community has been relying on focus groups for a very long time now but little has been done to improve the way in which they are conducted. Focus groups are great way of gaining qualitative feedback but if they aren't structured correctly the outcome can be less than helpful. There are other various problems with focus groups such as the time it takes to go back through the footage and analyse the results. This usually requires a very experienced analyst especially when it comes to identifying patterns and key insights. 13 Apr 2011 Read more >>

The new Consumer Protection Act is a hot topic at the moment with its implementation on April 1st. Under the new regulations, it is going to become increasingly difficult for companies to communicate with and gather feedback from their consumers. There is however a massive opportunity for companies to stay in touch with their consumers under the new CPA. 12 Apr 2011 Read more >>

Research methodology is always the hotly debated topic at the outset of a new project when, in fact, the quality of the sample is crucial to a meaningful research outcome. 30 Aug 2010 Read more >>

Interact is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring a Marcus Evans conference entitled "Optimising Best Research Practices". The conference, boasts prolific speakers including our own Managing Director, Gary Greenfield who will be giving a talk on utilising technology to break the boundaries to doing research. 26 Jul 2010 Read more >>

The economic outlook according to more than half of South African consumers is optimistic, yet 62% say they are not coping or only just surviving in the current economic climate. This is according to new consumer research conducted by Interact RDT that shows that 34% of South Africans do not have enough money to pay for their basic essentials and the majority (56%) is extremely cautious when spending. 7 May 2010 Read more >>

The results of dip-stick research conducted by Interact RDT into consumer's experiences and perceptions of the domestic airline industry might encourage brands to sit up and take note: 26 Mar 2010 Read more >>

Interact RDT, the brand experience research consultancy, has launched two new research products that will enable clients to control their own sample management and research. 24 Feb 2010 Read more >>

The phenomenon of social media seems to grow exponentially day by day, with an ever-growing offering for its users. Social media has created a platform where people can easily create and share content amongst their peers, creating a community of avid web users sharing information about themselves and their interests. Business has seen this as a great way to get in touch with their customers and to market their brands. However, it is vitally important for business to understand that social media is by no means a traditional channel for marketing, where one can simply publish and distribute content. 29 Jan 2010 Read more >>

Have you ever wanted to conduct consumer research but are all too aware of the difficulties that come with it? Firstly it can be expensive and secondly it isn't always easy to get access to your target market. In addition to this how do control the quality of the responses? Well, we are about to change all this and make the task of conducting research a simple one with the launch of our new Online Panel. 11 Jan 2010 Read more >>

We are pleased to announce that we have just recently been certified as a Level 1 BB-BEE Supplier. We are especially proud to have achieved this rating and have worked very hard accomplish this and see it as a high point in our company's commitment to South Africa's growth. We believe that it is our philosophy of “Investing in People” that has fostered such a strong, motivated workforce. Our goal is to always maintain the highest levels of empowerment through the continued development and training of our team. 5 Jan 2010 Read more >>

Mindworx Consulting in conjunction with Interact RDT has recently launched a new salary survey providing valuable career info for business analysts and project managers. 17 Nov 2009 Read more >>