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Supa Strikas launches an interactive digicomic

Strika Entertainment, a Cape Town-based comic and animation production studio, has collaborated with web development and design company Lima Bean to launch the first Supa Strikas interactive digital comic.
Supa Strikas launches an interactive digicomic
Supa Strikas is a world-renowned print comic and animated television series, and has a strong presence in Malaysia and the Philippines as well as a huge local fan base. Around 1.4 million copies of the comic are printed each month in 16 countries, and the animated series is broadcast in each of those same countries. In South Africa alone, each episode averages a million views.

The popular story follows the trials and tribulations of 'the world's best football team', represented by a South African team with the name Supa Strikas. 15 other representative teams fill in the blanks to create a high energy, thrilling story line.

Although Supa Strikas already benefits from a high traffic website and a successful social media campaign (with over 105,000 fans on their SupaStrikas FC Facebook page), it was only a matter of time before the online comic was launched, to meet their fans' growing interest and desire for interactive digital media.

The interactive comic is an entirely unique and innovative idea that is yet to be attempted by any other major comic creators. Lima Bean was tasked with developing and designing a digital comic using cutting edge HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technology. The comic had to be accessible to anyone with an internet enabled device (PC's, laptops, tablets and mobile phones), and it was necessary for it to be platform independent. As there is a limit with Adobe Flash on Apple products, Lima Bean and Strika Entertainment made the decision to develop the comic using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, thereby ensuring that it would be accessible from all devices.

The immediate response to the digital comic has been very positive, as is evident in these screenshots from the Supa Strikas fan page:

Supa Strikas launches an interactive digicomic

Supa Strikas launches an interactive digicomic

This is the first edition of the digital comic and users can expect to see more interactive features rolled out in future episodes. In addition, this new activity is guaranteed to further broaden the Supa Strikas target audience and enable the brand to engage with their fans on an entirely new level.

If you're interested to find out what Lima Bean is able to create for you, then contact them via their website, email az.oc.naebamil@tpc or call 021 486 1860.

9 Feb 2012 12:01