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Ipsos launches LIFE Path to understand consumer dynamics along the path to purchase

Recognising that the consumer's path to purchase is more convoluted and more complex than ever before, Ipsos Marketing has launched LIFE Path to help clients understand and impact consumer choices along their journey. LIFE Path offers a holistic, modular approach to path to purchase understanding that involves social media intelligence, passive metering, and qualitative and quantitative research - so marketers can assess which touchpoints are most influential in generating sales.
“Changes in consumer path to purchase are being driven by the pace of digital innovation,” says Hans Raemdonck, Global Head of Path to Purchase Solutions Development at Ipsos Marketing, “and at Ipsos we are making sure our solutions capture the revolutionised consumer experience.

We recognise that the path to purchase is no longer linear, and brand preferences can be influenced at any point. LIFE Path captures these nuances and helps marketers to grow their businesses by understanding how consumers really make choices in an omni channel world.” LIFE Path incorporates a suite of modules – executed in context – that articulate the highest opportunity paths with prescriptive guidance on what actions to take to drive changes in behavior at all points along the path to purchase.

The solution provides a complete understanding of decision making within a category, from purchase trigger to channel choice to final product selection. Unique to LIFE Path is its use of proprietary analytics to uncover the influence of various touchpoints on driving sales.

The LIFE Path modeling not only reveals the impact of paid, owned, and earned touchpoints but also advises clients on how the different touchpoints interact with each other. Clients can then use the touchpoint modeling to perform “what if” simulations to optimise their marketing – so they can target the right consumers, communicate the right message at the appropriate touchpoints, and invest the right amount of money.

For queries about our Life Path solution, please contact Hendrik van Blerk, Account Director, Ipsos Marketing:
moc.sospi@krelbnav.kirdneh or + 27 11 709 7800

About Ipsos Marketing
At a time when marketing is going through a revolution fostered by technology and globalisation, Ipsos Marketing helps clients define their marketing strategy, understand market opportunities and consumers' path to purchase, build brands, services and products that are truly relevant and differentiated, and optimise the allocation of their marketing expenditures. At Ipsos Marketing, we distribute information in real-time within clients’ organisations by leveraging mobile and digital solutions and running activation sessions. We integrate knowledge by combining various sources of data enriched by business analytics.

About Ipsos

Ipsos ranks third in the global research industry. With a strong presence in 87 countries, Ipsos employs more than 16,000 people and has the ability to conduct research programs in more than 100 countries. Founded in France in 1975, Ipsos is controlled and managed by research professionals. They have built a solid Group around a multi-specialist positioning – Media and advertising research; Marketing research; Client and employee relationship management; Opinion & social research; Mobile, Online, Offline data collection and delivery -. Ipsos has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1999. GAME CHANGERS « Game Changers » is the Ipsos signature. At Ipsos we are passionately curious about people, markets, brands and society. We make our changing world easier and faster to navigate and inspire clients to make smarter decisions

25 Oct 2016 10:29