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Synovate launches True Customer View

On Wednesday 25th August, Synovate successfully launched its revolutionary new customer relationship insights and performance management system. Over 100 marketing and research professionals gathered to listen to Dr Jannie Hofmeyr present Synovate's new innovation and how it challenges market research theories that have long been held as real.
The value of True Customer View (TCV) lies in the fact that it offers companies a perspective on why individual customers behave the way they do. It is the first solution that deals effectively with the concept of customer loyalty and accounts for all of the influences that make up the customer experience and contribute to customer behaviour. TCV also explains why, despite being satisfied or dissatisfied with a brand, customers behave in an apparently disjointed manner, continuing to stay committed to a brand that is not meeting their expectations or conversely, not committing to a brand that is.

Richard Rice, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Synovate, states "Synovate is at the forefront of market research and it is fitting that this groundbreaking tool has been released from within our business. It tests popular thinking and beliefs and offers businesses a new and unique way to understand how their customers behave."

Dr Hofmeyr described the universal laws of relationships and how these can be applied to customers' real life purchasing behaviour, emphasising the fact that we can be committed to more than one, as well as the influence of market barriers and competition on real life purchasing behaviour.

The solution was exceptionally well received by the audience who recognised the value of the solution and were quick to ask for more information and apply it to their own customer base in terms of their experiences, attitudes and behaviours. In particular, the fact that the solution delivers a direct and very strong link to market share caused excitement as Jannie demonstrated the number of markets and industries where the solution has been tested and proven.

Dr Jannie Hofmeyr is a thought leader in the field of market research and this represents the very latest in thinking. Jannie heads up the Synovate Laboratories in his role as the International Director of Innovation at Synovate.

For more information regarding TCV, please contact moc.etavonys@eciR.drahciR

About Synovate

Synovate, the market research arm of the Aegis Group Plc generates insights to help clients drive competitive brand, product and customer experience strategies. A truly borderless company with offices in over 60 countries, our "biggest small company" approach combines best in class global research capabilities with personalised service, local knowledge and the flexibility to create teams and processes that meet clients requirements. At Synovate, our clients sit at the top of our organisational chart, driving us to continually develop more innovative research solutions that predict actual business outcomes.

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2 Sep 2010 12:29