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MyBroadband cracks Top 10

A new member to the Online Publishers Association (OPA), - also known as MyADSL - has confirmed its place as one of the top websites in South Africa.
MyBroadband cracks Top 10

According to the latest audited OPA statistics by Nielsen//Netratings (Nielsen Online) MyBroadband has attracted 585 038 unique monthly visitors and served 3 042 062 pages. This places MyBroadband ninth on the OPA Top 10 list of the largest websites in South Africa.

MyBroadband provides its visitors with up-to-date IT news, a discussion forum, blogs, podcasts and other many social media elements.

Over the past five years MyBroadband/MyADSL has become the premier destination for IT news and discussions, and its growing online community is currently by far the most popular hangout for IT professionals and broadband users.

What makes MyBroadband unique is that it attracts a professional, well-educated crowd who are generally high income earners. Considering its visitor demographic and very high traffic it is not surprising that the website has become a very popular marketing destination for many companies trying to reach this sought after market.

MyBroadband founder Rudolph Muller says that he expects to see continued website growth because of increased levels of broadband penetration in South Africa and a growing local population of Internet savvy consumers.

“This is a very exciting time to be part of the online industry in South Africa. The long awaited Internet boom is here, and with a more liberated telecoms industry and international bandwidth initiatives like SEACOM, the local online industry can expect excellent growth over the next few years,” Muller said.

Despite its humble beginnings the meteoric rise and success of MyBroadband serves as an example of how online businesses are able to capture niche industries and take on the big publishing houses.

1 Oct 2008 11:34