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SA's online IT and tech action takes place here

The latest DMMA/Effective Measure statistics show that MyBroadband continues to dominate the South African online IT, tech and telecoms market.
SA's online IT and tech action takes place here

The July 2012 DMMA/Effective Measure statistics revealed that MyBroadband served 6.7 million pages to over 1 million unique visitors last month.

The statistics showed that MyBroadband is 10 times larger than its closest competitor. This means that the majority of the country's total IT readership congregates on a single website: MyBroadband.

MyBroadband's sister websites - MyGaming and BusinessTech - also performed very well in July. MyGaming attracted 84,326 unique visitors and served 502,460 pages while BusinessTech served 177,305 pages to 54,293 unique browsers.

The combination of MyBroadband, MyGaming and BusinessTech covers the full spectrum of technology news in South Africa, and it is therefore unsurprising that MyBroadband is by far the largest online IT publisher in South Africa.

For more information about MyBroadband contact Cara az.oc.dnabdaorbym@arac or 012 687 5159.

14 Aug 2012 12:11