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MyGaming confirmed as top gaming website in SA

Latest Effective Measure statistics show that MyGaming attracts a larger South African gaming audience than any other gaming website.
MyGaming confirmed as top gaming website in SA

The August 2012 Effective Measure statistics reveal that MyGaming once again attracted a larger local audience than any other gaming website in the country.

The statistics show that MyGaming had 84,904 unique visitors in August, of which 34,749 were South African Internet users. The website served an impressive 525,006 page views last month.

MyGaming's unique audience makes it a popular choice for advertisers looking to target an affluent male audience. 96% of MyGaming's readership is male, while the majority of visitors are between 18 and 40 years old.

For those who think gamers are mainly spotty teenagers living off their parents, think again! Over 50% of MyGaming's visitors are professionals earning between R25,000 and R70,000+ a month.

The majority of MyGaming's visitors work in the IT and telecoms field, and close to 70% of them have a tertiary qualification.

For more information about MyGaming and the marketing opportunities which exist on the website, please contact Cara Muller: 072 109 0444 or az.oc.dnabdaorbym@arac.

Some interesting stats about MyGaming:

  • 84,904 total unique visitors
  • 34,749 South Africa unique visitors
  • 525,006 monthly page views
  • 96% male, 4% female
  • Majority are 18-40 years old
  • Over 50% earn between R25,000-R70,000+ per month
  • 70% have a tertiary qualification

6 Sep 2012 10:40