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Allesverloren Village launch-day sales top R86m

Noble Resorts' recently launched Allesverloren Village not only sets new standards for luxury retirement living, but raises the bar on first-day sales. With 25 units valued at R86m sold, the exquisite Riebeek Valley will soon be home to residents seeking the beauty and harmony of 15 acres of sheer west Cape beauty.
Allesverloren Village launch-day sales top R86m

Harry Pretorius, developer and CEO of Noble Resorts, says expectations were high but first-day sales exceeded them, affirming Noble’s confidence in the value of a boutique retirement village offering.

“Allesverloren Village is a lifestyle estate where luxury, serenity and resort-living come together. Our aim is to turn the way people retire in South Africa on its head. This period of your life should be about pursuing passions and living your best life.

“When you buy a property at Allesverloren Village, you’re able to enjoy our unique home exchange programme where you can live for periods of time on our other estates in Simon's Town or Plettenburg Bay,” says Pretorius.

“Our estate’s amenities include a clubhouse with concierge, integrative wellness programmes and a 24-hour clinic with onsite pharmacy in a setting of unmatched beauty.”

Allesverloren Village launch-day sales top R86m

Phase one of Allesverloren Village comprises 42 sizeable one- and two-bedroom garden cottage sectional title units priced from R1,350,000. These offer the over 50s the security and luxury South Africans are actively seeking in a 'forever home' or investment - plus a touch of the extraordinary.

“The Western Cape has consistently enjoyed above-average house price growth over the past 10-15 years. In fact," notes Pretorius, "in most instances the region out-performs the next-best province by almost double and growth rates continued even through Covid.”

With bike and walking trails alongside the vineyards and a billiards room and bar, fully equipped gym and a holistic wellness spa, Allesverloren Village is all about active retirement living choices with like-minded neighbours.

Allesverloren Village launch-day sales top R86m

Today’s choices for tomorrow’s requirements

The number of launch-day sales show South Africans are keen to be reasonably close to towns and cities, but are looking to live in stress-free environments and make choices now that will withstand future needs, Pretorius asserts.

“The next phase of the development opens to families looking for secure, multi-generational living,” he says. “At Allesverloren Village, families can live in the same place as parents and grandparents, but in the privacy of their own homes in another part of the estate.”

Key here is that younger families can plan and build a life that is exciting now and practical as the years go by. Noble Resorts says the value of this long-term view cannot be overestimated, given the prospect of older family members needing assisted living at a later stage, and not having to worry about moving to an unfamiliar residence.

“This future-conscious housing arrangement is hugely popular in Europe and the USA, not least because ownership is a solid investment, whether owners are occupying or renting out a unit,” says Pretorius.

“The fact that residents at Allesverloren Village live on 15 hectares in the scenic Riebeek Valley with awesome views of the Haweqwa and Grootwinterhoek Mountains framing it, is a priceless addition to them living their best life.”

About Noble Resorts

Noble Resorts is an independent property development company creating a new standard for retirement estates in South Africa. Exquisite locations, thoughtful design and resort facilities are all curated to provide an exacting quality of life for discerning residents. Innovations such as, and not limited to, the home exchange programme, onsite holistic wellness spas and medical homecare facilities are what set Noble Resorts apart. With a specific focus on the Western and Southern Cape, Noble Resorts has earmarked five locations for their developments. Three sites are confirmed, namely Harbour Bay Village in Simon's Town, Allesverloren Village in Riebeek West and Robberg Bay Village in Plettenberg Bay, and the final two sites are still to be confirmed. The Noble Resorts retirement collection will see over 1,000 units built in total with at least R1 billion invested in each development. Chief executive officer and lead developer of Noble Resorts is Herman ‘Harry’ Pretorius, a respected thought-leader in the building and development industry.

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11 Nov 2021 16:50