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Are you ready for what's next? Redefine what's possible with smarter business approaches

Globally, businesses are experiencing a deep level of disruption. While some have closed down, others continue to fail dismally and others, are thriving in the face of innovation. The difference? Agility and resilience to redefine what is possible.
Are you ready for what's next? Redefine what's possible with smarter business approaches

Microsoft brings Dynamics 365 power platform, a connected set of intelligent business applications, that marry customers and products, people and data to form powerful solutions, designed to break all existing barriers, and help you adapt and respond to rapid developments, in real-time.

With the reality of a fast-changing work environment, varying challenges have made it even harder for decisions and choices to be made. Saving costs, reexamining operations, redirecting productivity, reconnecting with customers, all while attempting to drive efficiency and sustainable growth, have seemed almost impossible, with the demands of a hybrid workforce.

4 key considerations to help you meet your future business today

Empower collaboration, innovate, and make an impact, every day, without any limits. AI automated machine learning capabilities, quick insights, customisation, and hybrid deployment support, make it possible for you to reach beyond your means.

1 - Prioritise the value of automation

Majority of business leaders agree that there’s a need to enable process automation, to thrive in a pandemic world. Losing 8 hours a week on manual tasks is no longer cutting it. This often leads to bottlenecking and unhappy employees, that are exiting their workplaces because of mundane, tedious tasks, that leave them vulnerable to burnout and disempowerment.

Organisations can now work less and get more done, by automating everyday administerial tasks with Power Automate. Data collection and reporting, communication, employee and client onboarding, approvals, and sign-offs can quickly become both convenient and visible across the business. Empower your team to have more time on their hands for more high-value and strategic goals.

2 - Move at the speed of change, using data

Analytics are more critical than ever. Industries are changing, customers and buying behaviours are changing and so is your business. The only way you can stay ahead and build competency is to use real-time business data analytics, that will indicate and interpret every transformation and activity in your business.

Unifying data will help you discover hidden insights, make calculated decisions, and take informed and empowered actions, to move you closer to your vision. Power BI is one of the most widely used business intelligence and data analytics platforms, that allow you to see your shortfalls, forecast, and meet your metrics as well as tell stories through charts and data visualisations.

3 - Build your own business solution

The time to innovate fast is here. Not all consultants and IT specialists will know what you need at the exact time you need it, but you do. The dynamic capabilities of Power Apps enable you to create and launch customised applications for your business needs, using low-code development platforms. It cancels the need for heavy investment in building in-house software by placing the power in your hands.

The magic lies in programmatically interacting with your data and metadata, creating components, applying business logic, creating custom connectors, and integrating with external data. Turn your ideas into action by creating a solution for you. Whether it’s for sales intake, supplier onboarding, or service requests, you can increase agility, modernise processes, and solve tough challenges.

4 - Chatbot your way to increased customer satisfaction

While emails are not a thing of the past and remain relevant, there are other ways to modernise how you engage with your customer and employees, without the need to be on the receiving end. You can now transform and enrich your customer’s experiences with Power Virtual Agents, enabling quick personalised responses to questions, customer status updates and line items that need to be actioned.

With its no-code interface, anyone can build and deploy their own automated chatbot, regardless of technical capability. Integrate and deploy it to your website, social media, or Microsoft Teams to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and ultimately, shorten the time you seal a deal, make a sale or go to market.

Join the move to dynamic business applications

Global research companies Gartner, Forrester, and Nucleus recognise Dynamics 365 Business applications as a leading platform across industries. It has been cited as one of the best tools to proactively and securely meet customer demands, automate operations and elevate businesses to the next level.

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30 Sep 2021 14:07