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SMARTSENZ® IPM is an eco-friendly pest control service designed to proactively manage and prevent pests in a sustainable way.
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Rodenticides and the effects they have on primary and secondary consumersAn article titled "Poisons Used to Kill Rodents Have Safer Alternatives" and published on Audubon* caught our attention recently. The author of the article, Ted Williams, interviews a clinical professor who autopsied a number of raptors that had died from unnatural causes. The details are horrific and may be too difficult to read for sensitive readers. 7 Sep 2021 Read more

Rodents and the pests they become in urban environmentsSmall, furry, cute(?!) and sneaky. What's not to like about rodents - right? Some people even keep them as pets! But - if rodents are not managed correctly - what can at first be a small, furry and cute pet can also easily turn into a pest! 10 Aug 2021 Read more

From the lowveld jungle to the concrete jungle: Gauteng - we are here!It all began five years ago when our Belgian founder, Dr. Guy Hendrickx, came to South Africa to find out how we can manage mosquitoes in the most cost-effective and eco-conscious way for our clients. 14 May 2021 Read more

Reducing the chemical footprint of your pest control methodsAll environments are faced with the need to manage alien and indigenous insects and animals. This is especially the case when these insects and animals become structural, environmental and/or public health issues. 8 Jan 2021 Read more

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