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Smile 90.4FM is a bilingual radio station that offers entertainment, information and inspiration to the upper LSM Metropolitan audience of Cape Town.
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Bailey Schneider is moving to GreeceFor the past five years, Bailey Schneider has brought her sparkling personality to the Smile 90.4FM airwaves, and now she is spreading her wings on her greatest adventure yet... She is moving to Greece. 29 Jan 2021 Read more

Smile 90.4FM has the top comedian on radioOne of the most well-known female comics in South Africa, and Smile 90.4FM's Drive co-host Angel Campey, has walked away with the coveted Top Comedian on Radio at The South African Comedy Awards. 21 Dec 2020 Read more

Win a 13th cheque with Smile 90.4FMWe could all do with an extra R20,000 in our pockets at the best of times and even more so at the worst of times. We know this year has been rough and it has been unpredictable, however, the one thing that you can predict... Three lucky winners will walk away with a 13th cheque, to the value of R20,000 each, thanks to Smile 90.4FM and Lottoland. 1 Dec 2020 Read more

Smile 90.4FM launches "News that Cape Town needs to know, now"The dynamic news environment is constantly evolving. With the variety of news platforms available, it has become difficult to distinguish real from fake, relevant from irrelevant and sensational from factual. Smile 90.4FM wants to simplify this by launching its brand new news positioning... News that Cape Town Needs to Know Now. 1 Sep 2020 Read more

One Million Masks for Cape TownThe use of facemasks to curb the spread of Covid-19 is absolutely vital - but while the belief and perception is that 'surely by now everyone has a mask', nothing can be further from the truth. There are many essential workers, school children, homeless individuals and visitors to hospitals and care facilities - to name a few - who are not only putting themselves, but others at risk, because of the non-apparent shortage of facemasks. 29 Jun 2020 Read more

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