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Is the tax deduction for home expenses fair in its application in light of Covid-19?
Is the tax deduction for home expenses fair in its application in light of Covid-19?

The Covid-19 national lockdown has resulted in more employees having to work from home. Due to cost-saving factors and the uncertainties around the pandemic, employers have now begun looking at the option of having their employees work from home indefinitely...

By Prenisha Govender 5 hours ago

Win 1 of 10 BizListings through NSP Consultants
Win 1 of 10 BizListings through NSP Consultants

Nishi Singh, the MD of NSP Consultants, recently contacted Biz with a heartwarming offer of the purchase of 10 BizListings, as a donation to deserving SMEs...

1 day ago

Company News

Adopting new technologies to conduct legal research

Long late-night hours poring through old legal texts in a stately library setting, with attractive albeit dishevelled colleagues: the storyline of most legal sitcoms. But the reality for legal professionals is not quite so glamorous...

Issued by LexisNexis 5 hours ago

Impact of Covid-19 on B-BBEE in South Africa

The main focus for many companies in the current economic environment is to preserve cash and liquidity. Shrinking profit lines and a reduction in procurement spending will no doubt have an impact in the next broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) rating cycle, on scores under the Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development and the Socio-Economic Development elements in the B-BBEE Codes in particular...

By Ashleigh Hale 1 day ago

Unions welcome compensation for domestic workers at last

Workers' Compensation Act to get first overhaul in 23 years...

By Justin Brown 1 day ago

Case law insights advancing the rule of law

Understanding and reviewing Case Law is an important aspect of the administration of justice and upholding of the Rule of Law...

Issued by LexisNexis 1 day ago

How to protect your IP rights during the Covid-19 pandemic

As Daniel Kahneman observed in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, there are two principal modes of human thinking. In a crisis, like our current one, our instinct is to think fast, simplify and leap to conclusions. But when we do this, we tend to rush, and by rushing we risk neglecting the all-important slow thinking, reflecting and anticipating...

By Kay Rickelman 25 Sep 2020

Relaxation of loop structures - but at what tax cost?

The envisaged future relaxation of the prohibition on loop structures will be accompanied by amended tax laws, but current proposals are likely to result in more tax on certain structures...

By Nola Brown, Anne Bennett & Cor Kraamwinkel 23 Sep 2020

Halting of emergency procurement of PPE

National Treasury's instruction to all government departments to halt the emergency procurement of personal protective equipment highlights the need for the urgent review and modernisation of the public procurement system...

By John de Villiers, Issued by LexisNexis 23 Sep 2020

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