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CONTRACT is a professional partnership for organisational & human resource development. With over 25 Years experience across industries and disciplines: we develop people, teams and organisations to reach success.
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Empowering women in South Africa: Key to national growth
Empowering women in South Africa is more than an act of social justice — it is a fundamental building block for national growth and prosperity. Understanding the significance of equipping women with leadership roles, skills development, and economic opportunities is key to unlocking the full potential of our nation. 9 Jul 2024 Read more

Leadership essentials for the future
Leadership for the future needs courage, curiosity and connection 26 Mar 2024 Read more

Stories of Inclusive Leadership
Inclusive Leadership has been a focus for us in the last few years; “Leading in South Africa” being a crucial element of our leadership journeys, equipping leaders and managers with awareness and skill to create workplaces of belonging for all. 30 Nov 2023 Read more

Three Must-dos for Successful Strategic Execution
We live in a world of disruption, uncertainty, turbulence and complexity. We find that all our clients’ organisations are navigating these choppy waters and searching for clarity, focus & stability. These qualities rarely exist any more and will possibly never return. Perhaps this is why setting strategy is still so popular in organisations – to bring that sense of clarity and control that our day-to-day existence can’t bring. 7 Nov 2023 Read more

Change Management – Dealing with resistance
Change management means being able to work with resistance. It’s crucial how you understand, accept and constructively deal with it. 6 Mar 2020 Read more

Building agile teams for company success
“We live in an age of continuous revolution,” says Gus Silber. The South African culture commentator was speaking on a podcast – the new radio. That appeared on YouTube – a new television. Talking about Twitter – which Silber tells us has replaced the newspaper. All these platforms barely existed ten years ago. 6 Nov 2018 Read more

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