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At Howard Audio we do sound differently. Our composers and engineers combine original music, sound design and final mix in a state of the art studio to create emotionally captivating audio.
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Latest news

Howard Audio features at Creative Circle Awards
The Creative Circle Awards results for November and December are out and we’re thrilled that Howard Audio features in three awards... 15 Feb 2024 Read more

Howard Audio features in the Loeries rankings 2023!
The Loerie Awards happened in Cape Town last year where Howard Audio had its name on no less than 21 finalists, two Campaign Craft Gold Loeries, a Campaign Craft Bronze and a craft certificate. We always say awards mean nothing…until you win one! 2 Feb 2024 Read more

Howard Audio launches into 2024!
Howard Audio has launched into 2024 with a multitude of exciting projects, ranging from TV and radio final mix to original music recordings. We look forward to another year of creativity and continued collaboration in the dynamic and vibrant world of audio and music. 24 Jan 2024 Read more

Howard Audio's double stream on the small screen
Howard Audio is proud to announce that both film - Runs in the Family and series Classified premiered on Netflix last Thursday the 30th of November. Howard Audio was in charge of all post production sound. 7 Dec 2023 Read more

Full Circle win for Howard Audio
Howard Audio is thrilled to announce our double win in the Creative Circle Awards for July and August, responsible for the sound design, final mix and original music in both the film and radio categories! 1 Nov 2023 Read more

Swingle Bells - A Christmas concert spectacular!
It's the most magical Christmas concert of the year! 13 Oct 2023 Read more

4 birds in the hand for Howard Audio
The Loerie Awards happened in Cape Town last week and what a week it was. Howard Audio is thrilled to have had no less than 21 finalists this year, winning two Campaign Craft Gold Loeries, a Campaign Craft Bronze and a Craft Certificate. We always say awards mean nothing... until you win one! Or two... or even four. 12 Oct 2023 Read more

Howard Audio's latest KFC TVC is to Thai for!
New work alert! Howard Audio loved crafting the original music and sound design for Carbon Films and director Bruno Bossi's latest KFC TV campaign fresh from Bangkok, Thailand "Time Bomb". 20 Sep 2023 Read more

PPS - Finding the Forgotten Graduate - awarded at IAB South Africa Bookmark Awards
Howard Audio is very proud to see the campaign for PPS Insurance 'Finding the Forgotten Graduate' by agency Promise win a Pixel for Purpose, three gold awards in the craft category and gold in the campaign category (including four silvers and a bronze) at this years IAB South Africa Bookmark Awards - naming Promise the Best Digital Agency, and its client, PPS, the Best Digital Brand! 8 Aug 2023 Read more

Runs in the Family wins Best South African Feature Film at the Durban International Film Festival
Howard Audio is thrilled to hear that Runs in the Family has been awarded the Best South African Feature Film at the Durban International Film Festival. Howard Audio performed the audio post production on the film. Working closely with director Ian Gabriel, our head of audio - Paul Theodorou crafted the films' audio assisted by Thando Magwaza. 3 Aug 2023 Read more

Studio Immersive opens In South Africa with a PMC system
Studio Immersive, a state of the art Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 recording and mixing facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, is attracting projects from many top artists, record labels and production companies thanks to its combination of excellent acoustics, first rate equipment and highly experienced staff. 25 Apr 2023 Read more

Howard Audio gives Castle Double Malt the full jazz treatement
Howard Audio is thrilled to share our most recent TVC in which we composed the original music for Castle Double Malt. 18 Apr 2023 Read more

Howard Audio's Loeries finalists 2022
The 2022 Loerie finalists were announced last week ready for this years creative week which starts in Cape Town this week! We are so proud of the whole team at Howard Audio as our name appears on 20 finalists this year - reflecting all our facets here - original music, final mix and licensed music re-records for both TV and radio.
 4 Oct 2022 Read more

Cutting-edge storytelling uncovers history hidden for over a century
Finding the Forgotten Graduate: a revolutionary storytelling campaign. 19 Sep 2022 Read more

The future is now with Howard Audio: Netflix series Ludik mixed in Dolby Atmos
Netflix's first Afrikaans series, Ludik, is about to hit the small screen. And in another first, Howard Audio is proud to be one of the first South African sound studios to mix a locally produced Netflix show in Dolby Atmos. The explosive six-episode season follows the story of Daan Ludik, portrayed by South African and Hollywood icon Arnold Vosloo, as he tries to drag his empire out of a scandalous mess. The series also features an array of South Africa's finest acting talent. 15 Aug 2022 Read more

'Spontaneity was the true inspiration' - Howard Audio's one-take wonder
Some of our favourite music briefs are where inspiration from the visual images are essential. And what inspiration we had for the latest Nedbank Private Wealth campaign. Conceived by Joe Public and shot beautifully by Karien Cherry of Giant Films, each of the three spots was shot in just one take with no edits. 10 Jun 2022 Read more

Howard Audio makes Hollard TVC sing
We're over the moon - Possibly even the moonwalk :) 1 Jun 2022 Read more

Howard Audio and Boomtown share their South Africanness in the Creative Circle
Well done to our partners in crime Boomtown for this Creative Circle Award for the radio and audio category. We are proud to have immersed the brand and its consumers into local culture through relevant and rich audio storytelling, bringing our South Africanness to life. 23 Feb 2022 Read more

Howard Audio blossoms with fragrant new Brutal Fruit TVC
Howard Audio has blossomed into the new year with a TV commercial for Brutal Fruit, who has daringly launched a new fragrance, You Belong. The ad is designed to "celebrate a sisterhood that uplifts and positively affects all those they encounter". 24 Jan 2022 Read more

Howard Audio burns Hotstix Mabuse's classic for MTN
The MTN Summer Campaign is out. Howard Audio was chosen to be the musical force behind the campaign, which utilises the classic Hotstix Mabuse song, "Burnout." 9 Dec 2021 Read more

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