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Wunderman Thompson South Africa is born out of the country's oldest digital, social media, technology and advertising agencies. Strong strategic and creative approaches backed by data insights drive service delivery across four centres of excellence: Advertising, Digital, Technology & Consulting.
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The Future Shopper Report 2022Study shows more than 85% of surveyed South African shoppers say retailers need to get better at giving them the products, service and experience they want. 28 Jun 2022 Read more

Wunderman Thompson launches 'Inspiration Beach' in the metaverseIn partnership with metaverse platform, Odyssey, Wunderman Thompson has launched a virtual beach metaverse activation. 22 Jun 2022 Read more

The collective trauma that is Covid-19The psychological impacts of Covid-19 are commensurate with other major global traumatic events, including WWII, the Spanish Influenza pandemic (1918-1919) and SARS 2003. Whilst research purports that crises such as these are widely perceived as traumatic, often precipitating mass/collective trauma, there is little acknowledgement and understanding of the current and future impact this may have on our collective and individual human psyche. 21 Jun 2022 Read more

Wunderman Thompson builds SA digital skills base with the Data Learnership AcademyWunderman Thompson, in partnership with codeX and Salesforce, has established a Data Learnership Academy in South Africa to build entry-level skills in marketing technology and operations and to equip young people with the necessary skills to embark on careers in this fast-growing industry. 6 Jun 2022 Read more

Wunderman Thompson launches new analysis 'New Realities: Into the Metaverse and Beyond'
  • Latest survey, 'New Realities: Into the Metaverse and Beyond', reveals that awareness of the metaverse has more than doubled in less than a year
  • 76% percent of people feel the metaverse will allow for authentic self expression
  • 90% think it will have an impact on sport and entertainment
  • 74% feel it is the future 13 May 2022 Read more

  • Wunderman Thompson SA names Parusha Partab as group strategy directorAfter joining Wunderman Thompson South Africa as strategy director in November 2020, Parusha Partab is now celebrating her promotion to group strategy director, effective 1 April 2022. 22 Apr 2022 Read more

    The Year of the Employee - A revised employee value propositionThe impact of the Covid pandemic on employee wellbeing will long be felt, but as the world heads towards recovery, it's important to understand the change in the employee psyche. Unati Moalusi, chief people officer at Wunderman Thompson SA, describes her top three psychological elements that have impacted organisations and their people. 17 Mar 2022 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson named winner of Acquia Global Partner of the Year Award for 2021A recognition of demonstrated excellence in a challenging marketplace 16 Mar 2022 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson retains BMW Group in lead agency pitchAfter a comprehensive pitch process, Wunderman has retained its position as the lead agency for the brand BMW and Mini in South Africa. The contract will see the agency partner with the brand for an additional three plus two years, having built an exceptional foundation as the incumbent in the past three years. 1 Feb 2022 Read more

    Implementation partner for SA's Youth Employment Service (YES) hosts stakeholder engagement session to plot its future roadmapYouth@worK is one of the longest-serving government-endorsed YES-programme implementation partners. Since its inception, YES has brought together the private sector, labour and unemployed youth to tackle our country's unemployment and skills challenges collectively. 17 Dec 2021 Read more

    Having a data strategy is a crucial underpin to your customer's online user experience and your digital transformationIn my marketing and technology world, the insights delivered through data and analytics help brands to measure efficacy of a campaign, but also to understand their customers more intimately - tracking and capturing the right data at the appropriate point can yield business insights that can inform a range of different business and budgeting spend decisions - and it can enhance your customer's online experience. 2 Dec 2021 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson SA Wins at 2021 Acquia Engage AwardsAcquia Engage Awards recognise global organisations for creating transformative digital customer experiences. 18 Nov 2021 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson SA wins Rentoza pitchRentoza has officially appointed the digital division of Wunderman Thompson SA to deliver full-service communication, albeit digitally led. The scope of work includes strategy, content creation, radio, media planning, reporting and community management. 17 Nov 2021 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson SA appoints consulting director, Kayembe IlungaKayembe Ilunga joins Wunderman Thompson SA's (WTSA) Consulting Centre of Excellence this month as a consulting director following a career in FMCG and financial services. 9 Nov 2021 Read more

    Digital experiences customers wantI recently watched a video that got me thinking about the kinds of digital experiences customers want from brands they choose to give their hard-earned money to. Granted, the video is a couple of years old, but it is still relevant. In the video, a guy is inside a shop buying items on his list. Still, he keeps getting interrupted by "cookie monsters". The "cookie monsters" are trying to sell him random things he has no interest in. "People who bought that also bought this," one of the "cookie monsters" says to him. At one point, one of them puts an item in his basket without his approval which he takes out and gives back to her. She retorts with an "are you sure you want to remove this item from your basket?" much to the shopper's annoyance. The video successfully sheds light on horrible digital experiences too many of us can relate to. 23 Sep 2021 Read more

    And that's how the marketing cookie crumblesThe end of third-party cookies is set to transform targeted advertising; changing how companies collect and store customer data. Here's how you can manage the change without disruption. 15 Jul 2021 Read more

    The disruption of B2B marketing is underwayWunderman Thompson is taking a fresh look at B2B marketing and believes that B2B brands can gain the advantage in the consideration set if they adopt new customer-centric tactics and operating models. 9 Jul 2021 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson SA wins BCX lead agency accountWunderman Thompson South Africa is proud to announce that it has been awarded the full-service lead agency account for BCX, Telkom's B2B business. This includes advertising, digital, CRM, PR culture change management and sales enablement. The award was made after an extensive competitive pitch process, including some of the best agencies in South Africa. 5 Jul 2021 Read more

    Targeting communications to counter Covid misinformationAn international study to track where young people are getting their information about Covid-19 and how and what they are sharing across their extensive global networks, was conducted across 24 countries by agency Wunderman Thompson, University of Melbourne and Pollfish survey platform, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO). 26 May 2021 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson launches Regeneration Rising: Sustainable FuturesAgency research shows people want brands to lead the sustainable path to the future, with an opportunity to show leadership, build long-term resilience and tap new opportunities by embedding regeneration into business. 30 Apr 2021 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson named Gartner magic quadrant leaderWunderman Thompson has once again achieved 'leader' status in Gartner's magic quadrant for global marketing agencies - an accolade the agency has received every year since 2019. 16 Apr 2021 Read more

    Cookieless worldConsumers' personal data is shared between tech companies in the third-party cookie ecosystem over 500 billion times a day. 13 Apr 2021 Read more

    Jabulani Sigege appointed as ECD for Wunderman Thompson SAJabulani is a Zulu word meaning 'rejoice', and that's precisely what the Wunderman Thompson SA team is doing after the confirmation of Jabulani Sigege's appointment. The admired creative lead will join one of the county's largest marketing services agencies as executive creative director on 1 March 2021. 1 Mar 2021 Read more

    Data scientist Palesa Molukanele joins Wunderman Thompson SADigital specialist, skilled in business intelligence and data analytics, Palesa Molukanele joined the Wunderman Thompson SA team this month as head of data. Molukanele's appointment demonstrates Wunderman Thompson's commitment and depth of expertise as a technology and data-driven creative powerhouse. She heads up an impressive 30+ person data and analytics team within the agency's total staff complement of over 550 professionals in South Africa. 5 Feb 2021 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson SA's leadership expands with industry heavyweightsHaving recently announced the appointment of Qingqile 'WingWing' Mdlulwa as group CCO to Wunderman Thompson SA, the agency is introducing two more senior individuals who will join the executive team namely; Colett Naidu as division managing director, with Telkom and Absa, and Tshego Tshukutswane as group chief strategy officer. 29 Jan 2021 Read more

    Qingqile 'WingWing' Mdlulwa joins Wunderman Thompson SA as group CCOQingqile Mdlulwa's appointment as group chief creative officer of Wunderman Thompson South Africa is a proud milestone for one of the country's largest marketing services agencies. This heavyweight recruitment serves as the marker of intent for the agency to firmly position creativity as a key driver of the business moving into a new decade. 11 Dec 2020 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson South Africa awarded the Nike accountIn October, Nike appointed Wunderman Thompson South Africa after the agency was approached to pitch a creative concept for the Nike 'Home of Air' campaign. The appointment scope includes customer experience, strategy, creative, UX and UI design for all Nike products on Sportscene, with the launch of the first release planned for December. 18 Nov 2020 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson launches Prism Sport + Entertainment in South AfricaSports Marketing Pioneer, Qondisa Ngwenya, Heads New Unit 19 Aug 2020 Read more

    8 golden rules for brands to win in a recessionWunderman Thompson published a guide on 'How Brands Can Win in a Recession'. The global report is an essential manual for brands highlighting how to survive and thrive in the face of the recession. SA agency CEO, Miles Murphy shares his thoughts about what we can learn from the past as we navigate through the current Covid-induced recession. 31 Jul 2020 Read more

    Mohale Ralebitso joins Wunderman Thompson board as non-executive chairpersonWunderman Thompson announced today that Mohale Ralebitso had joined its South African board of directors as non-executive chairperson. The move comes two months after Miles Murphy joined as CEO of the South African agency - one of the largest integrated agencies in the country. 29 Jun 2020 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson inspires growth within the youthEvery June, South Africa observes Youth Month to pay respect to the courage and sacrifices of the Soweto uprising youths and to celebrate young people and their potential. Devoting a month to the youth puts the spotlight on the efforts and progress made to empower and advance the young generation. 18 Jun 2020 Read more

    Wunderman Thompson gets unpluggedWunderman Thompson SA has decided to mark 15 June 2020 as an Unplugged Day. As this day falls on a Monday before a national public holiday, the agency has granted its more than 500 staff a long weekend to allow them to rest and recharge without distractions from work. 15 Jun 2020 Read more

    Miles Murphy on heading up Wunderman Thompson South AfricaOn 2 April 2020, Miles Murphy officially started in his role as CEO at Wunderman Thompson South Africa, one of the county's largest marketing services agencies. 11 Jun 2020 Read more

    Sue Napier appointed MD of advertising for Wunderman ThompsonWunderman Thompson, formerly Wunderman SA, has appointed Sue Napier as managing director of the advertising division of the Wunderman Thompson Group in South Africa. This national role includes the management and overseeing of the 200 team members across the Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban offices. 28 Nov 2019 Read more

    Moagi Bodibe joins Wunderman Thompson as chief strategy officerWunderman Thompson, formerly known as Wunderman SA, has appointed Moagi Bodibe as its chief strategy officer. 19 Nov 2019 Read more

    Wunderman SSA appointed by global healthcare company, GSKWunderman SSA is celebrating its appointment to manage key GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) brands, following a competitive five-way, multinational agency pitch earlier this year. 18 Apr 2019 Read more

    Wunderman SA welcomes Astrid Ascar to the familyWunderman SA has appointed digital marketing specialist, media personality and business strategist, Astrid Ascar, as the global digital agency's chief strategic officer. 18 May 2018 Read more

    The ingenious Facebook trap: Is it time for ensnared brands to cut their losses?When Facebook was started back in 2004, it was hailed as one of the first truly 'free' advertising mediums for corporate and personal brands alike. Brands could create new homes for themselves and their products by the click of a button and use Facebook's ecosystem to access new audience segments and expand the appeal of their service offering. It was an exciting time, and the marketing world embraced it like wildfire: it didn't take long for Facebook to become the go-to social media platform for brands across the world. 22 Nov 2017 Read more

    Wunderman SSA appoints Kagiso MusiWunderman Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) welcomes Kagiso Musi as the digital agency's chief client officer (CCO) and managing director (MD) of Fluid, the WPP agency established to service the Telkom account. 15 Nov 2017 Read more

    Facebook evens the playing field by discontinuing 'dark posts'At the end of October, Facebook broke the news that it planned to introduce a new advertising feature that would lead to any paid posts run by brands becoming readily visible to anyone who visited the page. What this effectively means is the end of the concept known as 'dark posts', which allowed brands to choose not to publish specific pieces of content organically to their page, but instead, only promote them to a highly specific audience via paid budget amplification. 7 Nov 2017 Read more