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On consumers' terms

It is long overdue, but the South African marketing industry is being exposed to the thinking on the psycho-dynamic approach to research and what it can do for marketing. On Tuesday, Synovate was delighted and honoured to host a global authority on consumer behaviour and motivation, Mr Jan Callebaut.
Callebaut is co-founder of the Synovate Censydiam Institute, renowned for its advances in psychodynamic research. According to Callebaut, 'long term success in marketing requires an actionable understanding of consumer motivations', and it is this understanding that Callebaut is communicating to us.

Censydiam teaches us about how people behave, and why; from the activities they enjoy, to the brands they choose. The research techniques are highly specialised and are used to identify eight fundamental segments to represent the expression of needs in each market and on each occasion of consumption. These needs are mostly sub-conscious and it is this level of understanding that is creating so much excitement around Callebaut's thinking.

In today's world of beating off media messages and marketing jargon, understanding these sub-conscious needs gets us an invitation into the consumer's world.

During the seminar, Callebaut offered insight into the different needs, segments and the general occasions and motivations allocated to them. Also covered were examples of brands that successfully meet the sets of sub-conscious needs and how they have achieved this.

The quantification of this methodology was also discussed. This is ultimately necessary for bringing into play the insights gleaned from Censydiam. Consumer Contextual Landscape (CCL) is the way forward for consumer centric marketing. Using the same model and segments as Censydiam, it gives marketers a blueprint for the lucrative development of their complete marketing mix. It answers the what, where, when, who and why of consumer motivation. That's worth exploring.

Jan Callebaut has published several books on these theories and their applications, the most notable of which is called The Naked Consumer Today, an overview of why consumers really buy things and what this means for marketing specialists. The latest offering, also based on the Censydiam framework, is called Colour and Emotion. In short, it outlines how colour can help marketers to sell.

Callebaut believes that 'modern market research has made progress in pushing the envelope of analytical models of consumer behaviour, but common and highly visible marketing failures indicate that something is missing in this approach'. The insight delivered by Censydiam fills this critical gap. All that is needed is the willingness to let the consumer be our guide and identify what they want, and sub-consciously need.

'We are delighted that Jan Callebaut could share his vision and thought leadership with the marketers of our country to ensure we are well positioned to address the needs of our consumers with full force', said Albert McLean, Chief Operations Officer of Synovate in Middle East and Africa region.
27 Sep 2005 09:31


Has anyone actually read this?-
This has to be THE most appalling piece of PR writing I have ever seen. Synovate is an OK company - but you gotta fix your PR guys!
Posted on 29 Sep 2005 15:03