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Synovate launches specialist loyalty practice

Synovate, the global market research firm which forms part of Aegis Group plc, has announced the launch of its new speciality practice, Synovate Loyalty.
The practice was established by combining Synovate's extensive work in customer satisfaction research with that of Symmetrics Marketing Corporation, an industry leader in customer loyalty research and consulting which was acquired by Synovate in March 2004. The proven frameworks, solutions and consulting offered by the specialty practice are now available across the globe.

"All companies struggle with how to acquire and maintain passionately loyal customers," said Dr. Lawrence Crosby, CEO of Synovate Loyalty. "Our Loyalty group helps companies conquer this challenge, achieve their business goals through customer loyalty and create a sustainable competitive advantage. Industry leaders such as Whirlpool and HP speak frequently on the work we have done together to advance their customer loyalty strategies."

Company interest in customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement and management has grown rapidly in recent years and has now matured into a significant sector in market research. Customer loyalty is consistently in the top five challenges cited by global CEOs.

Using its unique Customer Relationship Architecture, Synovate Loyalty designs and executes the research needed to develop a customer loyalty strategy, shows companies how to drive customer loyalty into their businesses practices and processes, and offers monitoring programs and tools to keep their customer loyalty strategy on track.

About Synovate

Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis Group plc, generates consumer insights that drive competitive marketing solutions. The network provides clients with cohesive global support and a comprehensive suite of research solutions. Synovate employs over 5,000 staff in 108 cities across 50 countries. More information on Synovate can be found at and
1 Mar 2006 09:48