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Edgars - a fashion content curator

Earlier this year, leading retailer Edgars partnered with advertising agency M&C Saatchi Abel to give its website a complete makeover. Having identified key consumer trends, as well as consumers' increasing online savvy, Edgars launched a new website in July 2015 that serves as a dynamic platform for fashion advice and information.

"The new website tells a fashion story and is more editorial in style, giving customers insight into the latest fashion trends," explains Di Springer, strategy partner at M&C Saatchi Abel. "We also manage the Edgars Facebook page, which has proven to be an excellent tool for engagement with the customers in a flexible, content driven space." The page currently has 283,310 followers and, according to a recent report released by HaveYouHeard, is ranked #3 in SA for its interactive engagement levels of 111%.

The team at M&C Saatchi Abel works closely with the Edgars trends team, planning well in advance to create content that is updated frequently and is carried across all communication and marketing platforms.

"The key idea behind the website was that it should offer the same experience and value as chatting to a girlfriend about what to wear - it is accessible and informed. The new website was not an evolution of the old one, but rather a revolution. We were inspired by successful fashion blogs and platforms such as, and" adds Springer.

In line with major international retailers, the new website is dominated by strong, attention-grabbing visuals and compelling fashion advice and information.

"We partnered with M&C to create a website that would be editorially exciting," adds Belinda Godfrey, marketing executive at Edgars. "The brief was to create a digital showcase of our current product offering in a curated and fashionable way - and also to keep visitors informed of current deals and offers. An important mandate was also an easily navigable website (across mobile and PC)."

The new website is far more fluid and intuitive - with a design that caters for the various content themes, for example ladies-specific, men's-specific and kids specific content; as well as promotions pages and a page where customers can simply check their Thank U points or credit balance.

"The website is far more contemporary and benchmarked on other world-class fashion websites," she adds. "It is a beautiful extension of our stores - giving customers a look into what they will find in the store windows and merchandised on hot spots and drive aisles."

Jacques Burger, CEO of M&C Saatchi Abel Gauteng adds: "The most exciting aspect of the new website is the extent to which the site no longer lives as a separate entity. It has been created to seamlessly integrate with other communication and content platforms for the brand, meaning that the approach is a lot less digital centric and a lot more customer centric."

Godfrey concludes: "Given our extensive social media presence and engagement, it was no surprise that our loyal customers were quick to give feedback on the new website. The positive transformation has been noticed and appreciated by customers."

To contact M&C Saatchi Abel, visit or call 011 263 3900.

15 Oct 2015 10:14