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The Bakers 'Bokke' Iced Zoo Biscuit - a clever, well-timed idea

A simple, clever and well-timed idea can be very rewarding. This was the case with the South African Bakers Iced Zoo® Biscuit social media post created by M&C Saatchi Abel Gauteng - wishing the Springboks well for the semi-final match in the Rugby World Cup.
The Bakers 'Bokke' Iced Zoo Biscuit - a clever, well-timed idea

The 'jumping springbok' Iced Zoo® Biscuit is a regular in the box. By adding the headline "Go You Biscuits" it became a rallying cry for Springbok supporters around the world.

"The beauty of this idea is that we've always had the jumping springbok in the Iced Zoo® Biscuit menagerie - it's even found on the green coloured biscuit. As an instantly recognisable idea we were able to re-ignite the kid in all of us in a nostalgic way and show support for the national rugby team," says Nick Liatos, executive creative director at M&C Saatchi Abel Gauteng.

The 'Bokke' Iced Zoo® artwork was posted online at the time of the semi-final match between the Springboks and All Blacks. It was shared across various social media platforms, with users even using the image as their profile picture.

"The post on the BakersSA facebook page managed to achieve 1727 likes, 57 comments and 4113 shares, reaching 268,435 people via social media," adds Liatos.

5 Nov 2015 09:32