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Hollard ad campaign combines quirk and colour to highlight key social initiatives

With the vision of enabling better futures, the campaign draws attention to how Hollard is touching and improving South African lives...

South African insurance company Hollard has become synonymous with its original and light-hearted advertising, and its latest campaign, Enabling Better Futures, is poised to delight audiences with an optimistic and brightly packaged message. By illustrating how the very small and sometimes simple things can immediately improve lives - and simultaneously improve the country as a whole - the Hollard campaign underscores the importance of meaningful social investment.

Watch the commercial here:

“We wanted this campaign to show people how Hollard thinks about the world and its role within communities, beyond simply delivering insurance,” explains Gordon Ray, Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi Abel. “The central message is that creating better futures comes through change, which can come in the form of the little things as well as the bigger things...”

The key campaign element is a 45" television commercial developed in partnership with Egg Films, with three 15” stings that will flight around the TVC. The short and punchy stings each reveal specific details around three of the numerous social initiatives that Hollard is involved in as part of its corporate social capital work. The social initiatives seek to boost youth education, entrepreneurship and small enterprises, with the vision of laying the groundwork for better futures.

The Better Futures campaign will be supported by a number of different elements such as print, out of home media, bus shelter ads, street pole ads, township wall murals and social media. Each of these elements will carry the proudly local tone and style of the Hollard brand, while incorporating some of the familiar faces and characters from previous campaigns.

“This campaign is a beautiful illustration of the Hollard worldview, which is deeply rooted in and committed to South African culture,” explains Heidi Brauer, Chief Marketing Officer at Hollard. “Through our various social initiatives, we are reaffirming our commitment to insuring people, and to ensuring better futures for all.”

According to Brauer, the campaign will run for two years, with the aim of showcasing as many Hollard social initiatives as possible over the campaign period.

“The main concept of the TVC (and the campaign itself) is about improvement, and lives becoming incrementally better through small changes to things that already exist,” adds Ray from M&C Saatchi Abel JHB. “And that’s what Hollard does - it makes people’s lives better, thereby creating a better future for all.”

30 Mar 2017 13:08