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New campaign celebrates Spree and Superbalist merger

To announce the merger between two of South Africa's leading online fashion retailers, Spree and Superbalist, M&C Saatchi Abel was enlisted to create a campaign that would communicate how, as the post-merge brand, will become the online fashion retailer in SA - with an even bigger offering comprising more fashion, more categories and more choice for more people.
New campaign celebrates Spree and Superbalist merger

A cast of diverse influencers was assembled to bring the campaign concept of ‘we’re all fashion’ to life. They comprised tween model, Mekayla Veary; Olympic swimmer, Calvyn Justus; models, Jodie and Justine Petersen; fashion doyenne, Jackie Burger; digital entrepreneur, Yoliswa Mqoco; and actor and filmmaker, Thapelo Mokoena together with his family.

Directed by Dillon Buirski from We Are, the ad, set against Nakhane TourĂ©’s anthemic track, Interloper, allows the viewer to step inside the distinct worlds created for the different cast members, with each echoing who they are as people. At the same time, the core campaign message of ‘More fashion. More choice’ is conveyed via the wardrobes which are unique to each influencer and their own personal style.

Klyne Maharaj, Head of Brand at, says: “With the merger, we now have a combined customer base that is broader and more diverse than ever before and, based on the data we have about them, are confident that the cast we chose is representative of them. In addition, we wanted to highlight that irrespective of your age, gender, cultural context or aesthetic, we are for everyone. At the end of the day, customers shop with us because of our selection – the brands we have, the categories we stock, the wide range of sizes and prices, not to mention the convenience and user-friendliness of the platform itself.”

M&C Saatchi Abel Senior Strategist, Keke Mahlelebe, adds: “We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and tried to understand what questions they may have about this merger. Change is quite a scary thing, so a key part of the strategy was to focus on the benefits of this merger as opposed to the change itself. Bearing in mind that current Spree shoppers were the ones who would experience the majority of this change, the first thing we had to do was ensure that they understood exactly what is happening. The next piece in the puzzle was looking at Superbalist and Spree shoppers together, getting them excited about the possibility of a whole lot more fashion. The third piece was highlighting the real opportunity of having access to more categories because of the merger.”

Ntobeko Ximba, Creative Group Head at M&C Saatchi Abel, shares “We wanted this campaign to be inclusive and to communicate the idea that fashion is not just for a select few, but rather that ‘we’re all fashion’.”

In addition to the main 30-second television commercial, M&C Saatchi Abel created three 15-second stings which speak to specific propositions. The one featuring Calvyn Justus lands the idea that now all the brands shoppers love can be found in one place, while the one with Yoliswa Mqoco and the Petersen sisters highlights that you can shop your favourite looks for less and the stinger starring the Mokoena family shows the broad array of categories available.

Watch out for the ad and stings on TV and YouTube. The campaign will also run on Facebook and Instagram as well as in print.

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6 Nov 2018 10:26