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What will it take? Driving sales and branding in a flooded market

M&C Saatchi Abel's MWEB Fibre campaign knows what it takes to make you switch to MWEB Fibre
What will it take? Driving sales and branding in a flooded market

Building a brand message that is intricately tied to driving sales may seem like a complicated task in an always-on world where consumers are flooded with information.

But not if you’re committed to brutally simple solutions, and M&C Saatchi’s MWEB “What will it take for you to switch?” campaign unleashes the persuasive power of action in a world flooded with information at a click.

Brands are increasingly finding themselves in a competitive environment with information overload. None more so than the digital arena. Everyone with access to the internet knows what fibre is, and so the team at M&C Saatchi Abel asked themselves a game-changing question: if everyone knows about fibre, even those who don’t already have it, what’s keeping them from switching?

Carolyn Holgate, MWEB’s General Manager says: “Smart, simple, effective. Thanks for the great work”

Mark Winkler, Creative Partner from M&C Saatchi Abel says that the starting point for the campaign was to understand that the Fibre market is over-saturated with internet service providers all selling the same thing and wanting to “own internet speed”. “We wanted to rise above this messaging in order to stand out. Telling someone about your product is easy, but making someone actually think about your product is a different story.”

Coaching winning behaviour

Turning consumer apathy into action requires motivation. Who inspires us? Who lights a fire beneath us to unleash our potential? The MWEB campaign needed to inspire people to get out of their internet rut, to take action. People stuck watching the “loading” icon, while languishing in a pixelated world in slow motion, need that inspiration. They need a life coach. Or an actual coach.

The creative masterstroke was associating the brand with the need to switch to fibre. By coaching consumers, the campaign is able to rise above the chorus chanting about intangibles such as bit rate and line speed. Well-known and admired rugby coach and motivator Nick Mallet speaks directly to those in an internet rut, urging them to realise that MWEB Fibre is the better internet.

“If someone as well-known and outspoken as Nick Mallett can’t shake you out of your apathy and make you realise that your life will change once you switch to MWEB Fibre, nobody can. And it was fantastic working with him – Nick was better than most actors I’ve seen on set,” says Mark Winkler, Creative Partner at M&C Saatchi Abel.

Speaking of the set, and perhaps an anecdote of the authenticity of the campaign, Mallett organically ended up giving life coaching to one of the campaign’s supporting actors!

The end result is a full 360 degree campaign speaking to consumers on all channels. You may be happily apathetic or simply stuck in an internet rut, but coach Mallett will find you. And he will coach you on how to change your online life.

Campaign details

Live in three bursts:
Burst 1: 8 May – 31 June
Burst 2: September – November
Burst 3: February 2020 – March 2020
A full 360 solution utilising the following platforms:

  • TV
  • Paid media (TV Sync, GDN Banners)
  • Social Paid Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)
  • BTL (Flyers, posters, acquisition mailers)
  • CRM (Newsletters, mailers)
  • Internal Activation

27 Aug 2019 11:12