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New data reveals the best place for South African tech companies to advertise

New data from a large online marketing campaign reveals that MyBroadband has outperformed all other channels for exposure, engagement, and lead generation.

The data comes from a prominent IT company which ran a comprehensive marketing campaign through various channels in January 2019.

The marketing channels included online publishers, Google Search, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The best-performing platform was MyBroadband, which produced the highest engagement, more web traffic, and more leads than any other channel.

The chart below shows the results of the campaign, based on objective statistics from the company.

IT Company Campaign Performance
IT Company Campaign Performance

The same results as previous campaigns

Similar results were also reported by a wide range of companies which advertised on MyBroadband.

A well-known motoring brand, for example, launched an extensive marketing campaign on MyBroadband and BusinessTech which outperformed most of their other channels.

A comparative analysis showed that a display advertising and content campaign on MyBroadband and BusinessTech had a much higher engagement than their email, direct marketing, and organic search channels.

Here is a summary of the marketing campaign performance of this campaign.

Motoring Company Campaign Performance
Motoring Company Campaign Performance

1 Feb 2019 10:05


Could you let me know exactly what Users Attracted means?
Posted on 1 Feb 2019 16:58