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MyBroadband hits biggest South African IT readership in history

MyBroadband topped the January 2019 South African IT readership rankings with 2.78 million unique monthly visitors and 10 million page views.

This is according to the IAB SA and Narratiive's January 2019 report which provides accurate readership statistics for the South African market.

The rankings show that MyBroadband attracted the largest readership ever for a South African IT publication.

The latest demographic statistics further reveal that MyBroadband's readers are typically IT executives and IT professionals who are decision-makers in their companies and homes.

Here are some of the prominent findings of the latest MyBroadband statistics:

  • 1.3 million IT professionals read MyBroadband each month.

  • 829,000 IT managers read MyBroadband each month.

  • 322,000 IT executives read MyBroadband each month.

  • 865,000 of MyBroadband's readers work for companies that resell technology products or services.

  • 1.4 million people who read MyBroadband are IT decision-makers in their company.

  • 2.3 million MyBroadband readers advise their friends and family on which technology products and services to buy.

yBroadband sales director, Cara Muller, said these statistics show that nearly all the IT decision-makers in South Africa read MyBroadband.

"With basically all of South Africa's IT decision-makers in one place it is easy to see why MyBroadband's marketing campaigns are so successful," said Muller.

"Our targeting tools also enable us to target specific industries and further enhance the effectiveness of campaigns and ensure the best possible performance."

5 Feb 2019 11:10