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Why top companies advertise on BusinessTech

BusinessTech offers South African companies exceptional reach and value-for-money to market their business and technology products.

The latest IAB SA and Narratiive statistics revealed that BusinessTech attracted two million readers in February 2019, strengthening its position as a top IT and business publication in South Africa.

While BusinessTech’s large readership provides great value to companies, the quality of its readers is the real reason why top IT and financial companies partner with the platform.

A recent BusinessTech demographics survey revealed that one million of its readers help their company with which technology products and services to buy.

The publication’s highly influential readers include 410,000 IT executives, 267,000 executive directors and 116,000 CEOs.

It is therefore no surprise that marketing campaigns on BusinessTech show excellent engagement and conversion rates.

BusinessTech development manager Wanita Breet said the exceptional advertising growth and the number of return customers confirm the success of campaigns in the publication.

“We have a strong focus on ROI and BusinessTech’s performance is nearly unmatched,” said Breet.

For more information about BusinessTech, visit: BusinessTech Advertising

13 Mar 2019 12:36