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Record readership for MyBroadband

MyBroadband has increased its South African readership to 5.3 million unique monthly browsers, which makes it one of the biggest online publishers in South Africa.
Record readership for MyBroadband

MyBroadband's two publications, and, also topped their respective industry categories. is by far the largest technology publication in South Africa, with 2.5 million unique monthly browsers., in turn, is the largest business publication in the country, with 3.4 million unique monthly browsers.

MyBroadband therefore provides companies with unmatched reach into the South African technology and business markets.

MyBroadband Business launched

To help South African ICT companies, and banking and financial players to reach this influential audience, MyBroadband Business was launched.

MyBroadband Business is the official agency of MyBroadband and BusinessTech, and offers companies a range of innovative new marketing tools to grow their presence.

It works closely with companies and their agencies to create innovative marketing campaigns.

In its trial campaigns, which were run in partnership with high-profile South African ICT companies, exceptional results were obtained across all fronts.

These campaigns outperformed all other online and PR marketing channels, with a record number of website visitors, leads, and brand awareness.

"We know what IT companies and consumers want, what trends they are following, and what content they are going to be served," said Lancaster.

"We use this information to build campaigns which give IT companies a tremendous benefit over their competitors."

"We offer ICT companies and our partner agencies access to the best marketing tools on offer in South Africa. There is simply no better way to promote your company," said Lancaster.

12 Jun 2019 08:42