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The best place to advertise your business

BusinessTech is South Africa's largest business website and offers companies an excellent platform to market and grow their businesses.

usinessTech topped the IAB SA's Business Publication Rankings for the third month in a row with a readership of over 3 million unique browsers in June.

The latest Narratiive statistics show that BusinessTech attracted 3.46 million unique browsers and served 8.49 million pages last month.

Narratiive is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa and provides accurate traffic and demographics statistics for South Africa’s top websites.

BusinessTech’s excellent performance follows strong growth in recent months thanks to its exceptional coverage of the local business and technology markets.

The best platform to market your business

What makes BusinessTech’s readership particularly impressive is the quality of its readers, who are mostly business and ICT decision-makers.

The latest demographics for the publication show that it is particularly popular among C-level executives and managers in the banking, finance and information technology markets.

BusinessTech’s exceptional reach and high-calibre readership makes it the perfect platform to advertise ICT and business services.

BusinessTech sales director Cara Muller said their advertisers have seen an unmatched return on investment.

She added that their latest products, which include a new range of content marketing tools, further enhances the value to advertisers.

For more information about what BusinessTech can offer you, contact Cara – az.oc.hcetssenisub@arac.

8 Jul 2019 15:30