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The best place to market your IT and telecoms products

There is only one place where you can reach all South African IT and telecoms decision-makers - MyBroadband.
The best place to market your IT and telecoms products

MyBroadband ( is South Africa’s largest IT publication with 2.4 million unique browsers and 7.3 million page views.

For most IT and telecoms decision-makers MyBroadband is the first website they open in the morning and the last website they visit before going to bed.

What makes MyBroadband stand out is its unique readership which includes IT enthusiasts, IT professionals, and C-level executives.

It is the place where IT decision-makers go, to help them to make buying decisions and learn what is happening in the South African ICT market.

How to reach this influential audience

MyBroadband Business has developed a new range of content marketing products to make it easy for companies to reach this influential audience.

These products include sponsored articles, social media promotions, newsletter inserts, competitions and native adverts.

Marketing campaigns which use a combination of these content marketing tools are exceptionally effective in creating awareness and generate leads.

To see what MyBroadband Business can do for you, contact Kevin (az.oc.dnabdaorbym@nivek) or visit the MyBroadband Business website (

25 Jul 2019 13:14