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MyBroadband - Where ICT business decisions are made

MyBroadband is the online platform of choice for South Africa's ICT decision makers - and has a significant influence on their business and personal purchasing decisions.
MyBroadband - Where ICT business decisions are made

Over 1.4 million ICT decision makers visit MyBroadband every month to read the latest news, find out more about industry trends, and learn about the latest products and services.

According to readership surveys, these decision makers directly advise the companies they work for on which broadband, telecoms, and IT products to buy.

MyBroadband’s events are equally well attended by the country’s top ICT executives, managers, and professionals.

It is for this reason that companies such as MTN, Vodacom, Liquid Telecom, Huawei, SqwidNet, DFA, Afrihost, Vox, and Axiz regularly exhibit – as business decisions are made by delegates in attendance.

Proof is in the success

The proof that MyBroadband is the best place to be for ICT companies can be found in the success our advertising partners experience.

A 2019 case study focusing on Codehesion – a leading software development company which advertises on MyBroadband – clearly illustrates this.

Codehesion has acquired several high-profile clients and development projects through a sustained advertising campaign on MyBroadband.

MyBroadband has also assisted Codehesion with hiring new developers, and our recruitment package saw 650 developers apply to work at Codehesion.

The acquisition of news clients was driven through sponsored articles on MyBroadband, all of which detailed how Codehesion can help local companies develop their own Android and iOS apps, and business websites, quickly and affordably.

Crucially, the Codehesion articles all contained a call-to-action link – which took interested readers to Codehesion’s “Contact Us” web page.

The graph below shows how many unique readers clicked on the call-to-action link in one of Codehesion’s sponsored articles.

For comparison purposes, the article was also published on MyBroadband’s sister website BusinessTech, and the two next-most-popular local tech news websites.

As the graph shows, MyBroadband delivered superior results – with interested readers ultimately becoming new clients of Codehesion.

3 Dec 2019 16:09