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B2B and B2C - Why BusinessTech is the best place to advertise

BusinessTech is the largest business news website in South Africa, read by over five million people each month.

What makes BusinessTech’s audience unique is the large number of executives, directors, managers, business owners, and professionals who read the site.

B2B and B2C - Why BusinessTech is the best place to advertise

The latest readership report from Narratiive, which is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB SA, shows that BusinessTech is a firm favourite among South African professionals.

During April 2020, the following number of professionals visited BusinessTech for the latest news and insights:

  • 2 million junior and middle managers
  • 715,000 business owners
  • 670,000 senior managers
  • 630,000 self-employed professionals
  • 99,000 CEOs and directors
The decision-makers

This group of readers is highly influential in terms of the decisions they make in both their professional and personal lives.

Senior managers, directors, business owners, and C-level executives are responsible for many decisions their businesses make, and will dictate how their businesses spend money.

This makes BusinessTech an excellent platform for companies to advertise their B2B products and services.

The large majority of BusinessTech’s readers are also responsible for making spending decisions at home.

2.1 million BusinessTech readers are the main decision makers at home, and decide how their household’s money is spent. Additionally, 2.8 million BusinessTech readers are joint decision-makers at home – and take part in all spending decisions.

This makes BusinessTech an equally excellent platform for advertisers to promote their B2C products and services.

Stand out on BusinessTech

“BusinessTech has shown fantastic growth in 2020, as more people choose news websites as the place to get their latest news and information,” said BusinessTech MD Kevin Lancaster.

“This has been complemented by an increase in the number of companies advertising on BusinessTech, as they see the excellent value content marketing and online advertising offers.

“I encourage B2B and B2C companies who are looking to enhance their online marketing to contact me about what BusinessTech can do for them.”

This article was published in partnership with BusinessTech.

20 May 2020 12:04