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Excellent performance for marketing campaigns on MyBroadband

Online advertising campaigns on MyBroadband are performing extremely well, thanks to the changing business environment.
Excellent performance for marketing campaigns on MyBroadband

MyBroadband has experienced a spike in the number of companies advertising on its platforms since the lockdown started, as businesses look for value for money and the best return on investment.

This increase in online advertising has coincided with MyBroadband’s clients’ marketing campaigns showing exceptional engagement rates.

South Africans are spending more time online and companies are strongly focusing on digital transformation, which explains both the shift to online advertising and the sharp increase in engagement rates.

MyBroadband marketing director Cara Muller said the best-performing campaigns currently are:

    - Sponsored articles and social media promotions- 'Above-the-fold' display advertising, especially home-page takeovers- Online video campaigns like the What’s Next series

These campaigns have enjoyed a significantly higher engagement rate than before the lockdown started, which is a clear sign that people’s habits have changed.

People are now using the internet far more – both for work and leisure – and are, therefore, increasingly relying on digital channels to inform their purchasing decisions.

This shift has also seen many companies moving their outdoor, radio, and events marketing budgets online to adapt to the changing consumer behaviour.

Muller expects this trend to continue as companies are increasingly focusing on performance and return on investment to optimise marketing spend.

25 Aug 2020 07:26