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Surge in online advertising campaigns on MyBroadband

MyBroadband has experienced a big increase in online advertising campaigns in recent months, which is excellent news for the South African ICT industry.
Surge in online advertising campaigns on MyBroadband

The South African economy is starting to recover from the biggest downturn in decades, and the ICT industry is leading the charge.

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown have accelerated digital transformation and have forced companies to adapt.

This new way of operating has significantly increased the demand for a wide range of IT and telecoms products.

It has also changed the way ICT companies market their products, with a far bigger focus on digital marketing.

With the absence of industry conferences and with fewer people on the roads, companies have also moved their event, radio and outdoor budgets online.

This strategy has worked exceptionally well, and the performance of online campaigns on MyBroadband has been excellent – with far higher engagement levels than before the lockdown.

The most popular and best-performing campaigns have been:

  • Sponsored content combined with social media promotions
  • Display advertising, especially home page or category takeovers
  • Video campaigns, like MyBroadband’s new online show What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou
  • The success of these campaigns bodes well for the South African ICT industry, as it shows there is strong demand for these services

Many South African ICT companies are now making the most of the economic recovery to grow their businesses and explore new opportunities.

15 Oct 2020 08:56