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The most powerful B2B tech platform in South Africa

MyBroadband is South Africa's most powerful business-to-business (B2B) tech platform, with an exceptional reach into the IT business market.
The most powerful B2B tech platform in South Africa

The publication’s influence skyrocketed during the lockdown, with IT executives looking for the latest developments in the local technology and business markets.

During this period, MyBroadband’s readership grew to over three million unique South African browsers per month.

A large percentage of these readers are IT and telecoms CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, business owners, directors and business decision-makers.

With many companies looking to reach this audience, marketing campaigns on MyBroadband spiked when the lockdown started.

What was particularly interesting was the high number of repeat campaigns. This, MyBroadband director Cara Muller said, is a result of the high ROI they produce.

She said businesses are now looking for value for money and the best return on investment, which is what MyBroadband ’s marketing products are focussed on.

Muller explained that reader engagement rates are now much higher than before, too, due to the increased reliance on the internet for information to inform purchasing decisions.

Instead of visiting conferences or attending in-house seminars, executives are now listening to online video interviews and webinars instead.

The change in behaviour has also seen many companies moving their radio, outdoor, and events budgets to online marketing.

The move to online marketing has worked well for companies and helped them to remain competitive during these challenging economic conditions, she added.

Most popular marketing products

With a multitude of options available, however, it raises the question as what the most popular online marketing products on MyBroadband are.

According to Muller, four products stood out over the past few months:

  • Sponsored articles with social media promotions
  • ’Above-the-fold’ display advertising, especially home-page takeovers
  • Online video campaigns like the What’s Next series
  • Blended banner ads, sponsored articles and social media campaigns

Muller explained the strategy behind a company’s marketing campaign will dictate what the best options are.

Video interviews, for example, are excellent tools to create brand awareness, while sponsored articles are better at increasing engagement and leads.

22 Oct 2020 07:48