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MyBroadband shows surprising stats

The August 2010 unique visitor statistics for IT website not only shows strong growth, but also some surprising revelations about its readership.
MyBroadband shows surprising stats has shown strong growth in 2010, and is now consistently attracting a monthly readership of over 800 000. This is according to audited Nielsens Online statistics (a.k.a. Nielsens Netratings).

It is well known that MyBroadband is the dominant publication in the South African IT online market, but what is not as widely known is exactly what type of readership the IT publication attracts.

The latest audited Nielsen Online demographics report reveals some interesting and surprising statistics about MyBroadband's visitors, including:

- 540 502 males and 266 401 females visit MyBroadband every month

- 87% of MyBroadband's visitors are aged between 25 and 65; 64% are aged between 25 and 44

- 70% (564 042) of MyBroadband's visitors have a tertiary education

- 68% (546 939) of MyBroadband's visitors are professionals, managers, executives and business owners

- 153 746 managers and executives read MyBroadband each month

- 145 286 of MyBroadband's visitors earn over R50 000 per month

A full stats report and rate card is available from Cara Muller: az.oc.lsdaym@arac or 072 109 0444 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              072 109 0444      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

11 Oct 2010 12:33