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MyGaming leads the pack

MyGaming continues strong growth to become the clear leader in the South African gaming news website market.
MyGaming leads the pack

Video and online gaming has become one of the most popular pastimes worldwide, and this trend is accelerating in South Africa with the advent of more affordable broadband and with it the increase in local gaming servers.

With all the activity in the South African video gaming arena there is a growing need for consumers to read about the latest games, technology and hardware in the South African gaming market, and MyGaming was launched in February 2009 to serve this need.

MyGaming quickly became the premier destination for online gaming news, reviews and discussions, and in October proved once again that it is the online gaming publication of choice for a large portion of the South African gaming community.

In October MyGaming attracted a total of 57,053 unique visitors and served 322,479 pages to its readers (audited Nielsen Online statistics), making it significantly larger than any other DMMA-registered gaming website.

It is not surprising that MyGaming has attracted advertising campaigns from some of the largest entertainment, technology and gaming companies in South Africa, including Ster-Kinekor, Megarom, Vodacom, Landrover, iBurst, Microsoft and Cash Crusaders.

MyGaming Editor Nic Simmonds attributes the success of MyGaming to its vibrant and loyal gaming community, fresh and interesting daily news and the growing number of gamers in South Africa.

"It is great to be part of the fast growing video gaming industry in South Africa, and with better and cheaper broadband and more local gaming servers I expect the strong online gaming growth to continue in years to come," said Simmonds.

"We will be sure to not only lead when it comes to online gaming news, but to also bring as much value as possible to our readers and online community through giveaways, strong industry partnerships and the best local gaming news content that can be found online," concludes Simmonds.

For more information about MyGaming's readership or any advertising queries please contact Cara: 072 109 0444 or az.oc.lsdaym@arac.

15 Nov 2010 22:15