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MyBroadband breaks 900,000 unique monthly visitors

In January this year achieved the distinction of exceeding 900,000 monthly unique visitors. The latest audited Nielsen Online statistics reveal that MyBroadband served 4,459,760 pages to a total of 933,367 unique visitors.
MyBroadband breaks 900,000 unique monthly visitors

It is well known that MyBroadband is the dominant website in the South African IT market, but what is less well recognized is that MyBroadband Mobile is the second largest IT website in the country when comparing total unique visitors.

According to the Nielsen Online stats for January 2011 MyBroadband Mobile attracted 111,836 unique visitors and served 190,698 pages.

Another member of the MyBroadband family MyGaming also performed well in January, attracting 67,574 unique monthly visitors and serving 290,442 pages to its readership.

According to MyBroadband Marketing Director Cara Muller the strong growth of MyBroadband, MyBroadband Mobile and MyGaming is particularly good news for advertisers on these websites.

"Our strong continued growth and dominance in this market makes us untouchable when it comes to reach and return on investment for our advertising partners. We have established solid long standing partners in the industry who return year after year and we're very happy to be able to offer them simply the best deal going," concluded Muller.

7 Feb 2011 12:46