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MyBroadband the largest IT publisher in South Africa

The latest Effective Measure statistics reveal that MyBroadband served over one million unique visitors in May.
MyBroadband the largest IT publisher in South Africa

It is well known that is the largest IT website in South Africa, and its dominance has been reaffirmed by the latest Effective Measure statistics.

Largest IT website statistics

According to the May 2011 Effective Measure statistics attracted 949,899 unique monthly visitors and served 5,877,904 pages.

The statistics further indicate that MyBroadband is by far the biggest online IT publisher in South Africa with a total of 1,019,791 unique visitors and 6,433,184 page impressions.

MyBroadband's Marketing and Sales Director Cara Muller said that MyBroadband's strong performance means that it provides IT companies with a perfect way to reach the majority of IT professionals on one platform.

"With nearly all of South Africa's IT professionals in one place MyBroadband provides advertisers with an excellent way to reach this affluent and influential part of society," says Muller.

"Advertising on MyBroadband means companies are guaranteed of reaching around 80% of the South African IT website market which makes it a must-have for any IT or telecoms company's online marketing plan."

New look, more social media and user interaction

One of the key components of the success and popularity of MyBroadband among the IT community lies in the social nature of the site.

With the new redesign now has comments under each article and integrates more with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

"Online publications are expected to be at the forefront of social media and this is where MyBroadband excels. We have been able to add great value to our advertisers by providing a platform where users and industry and interact," said Muller.

22 Jun 2011 12:31