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MyGaming leads the way

MyGaming's unique readership provides an excellent opportunity for companies to market products or services aimed at a male audience.
MyGaming leads the way

MyGaming's latest DMMA/Effective Measure statistics showed that it served 409,161 pages to 61,607 unique browsers in July.

The online publication's strong position in the local gaming market means that South African gaming companies are all running marketing campaigns on the website, but a more recent trend is that a far wider range of companies have started to take advantage of MyGaming's unique audience.

According to the latest Effective Measure demographics survey 96% of MyGaming's readers are male while over 90% of visitors are aged between 18 and 40.

MyGaming's predominantly male audience with a high disposable income is a perfect audience to market products like cars, consumer technology products and even men's toiletries.

Two general advertising campaigns - one for a well known deodorant brand and the other for a newly launched car - showed a performance multiple times higher than the performance of these campaigns on rival sites.

"In the past we've generally run campaigns aimed at the local gaming community but we recently ran two non-gaming related campaigns targeting a male audience. The performance was excellent and exceeded our expectations and that of the client. But considering the strong male audience on MyGaming with money to burn I guess it is not unexpected," said sales and marketing director Cara Muller.

For more information about advertising on MyGaming, please contact Cara at az.oc.dnabdaorbym@arac or 072 109 0444.

11 Aug 2011 12:03