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MyGaming the top South African gaming website

The May 2012 DMMA/Effective Measure statistics show that MyGaming attracted the largest South African audience in the gaming space.
MyGaming the top South African gaming website

The DMMA/Effective Measure statistics for May 2012 revealed that MyGaming has the largest South African readership of all gaming websites in the country.

According to the Effective Measure statistics MyGaming attracted 35,893 unique South African browsers last month, and served 418,745 pages to its South African readers. When looking at total readership MyGaming served 595,432 pages to 107,636 unique browsers.

MyGaming's unique audience makes it a popular choice for advertisers looking to target an affluent male audience. 87% of MyGaming's readership are males aged between the ages of 18 and 40 - the best possible demographic to market cars, technology, gadgets and telecommunications products.

An even more surprising fact is that 30% of MyGaming's visitors have a household income of over R50,000 per month. The majority of the website's visitors also hold a University degree or diploma.

This clearly shows that the gaming community consists mainly of working professionals with a love for video games and a high enough income to support their gadget-driven lifestyle.

For more information about MyGaming and the marketing opportunities which exist on the website, please contact Cara Muller: 072 109 0444 or az.oc.dnabdaorbym@arac.

12 Jun 2012 12:12


Velly Bosega
Velly Bosega
Well done's really a leading gaming site in mzansi:-)
Posted on 12 Jun 2012 15:24