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MyBroadband grows to over 7 million page views

In August MyBroadband had its best month ever, serving over 7 million pages to 1.1 million unique visitors.
MyBroadband grows to over 7 million page views

MyBroadband is continuing its strong growth, and the latest Effective Measure statistics showed that the website served 7,065,557 pages to 1,083,234 unique visitors in August.

What is particularly impressive is that over 70% of MyBroadband's traffic is generated by South African visitors.

The following video tells you a bit more about MyBroadband and its readership.

For more information about MyBroadband and the marketing opportunities on the website, please contact Cara on 072 109 0444 or az.oc.dnabdaorbym@arac.

18 Sep 2012 10:42