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New Media publishes report on the changing world of work

In the Internal Comms Trends Tracker 2021-22, New Media's specialist internal communications team takes a deep dive into our hybrid working reality and the new work trends that are already starting to emerge.
New Media publishes report on the changing world of work

The world of work has never been more topical, as businesses in every sector in every part of the planet adapt to unprecedented organisational change. Leaders, HR professionals and employee communications teams are all asking: How do we keep up? How do we connect meaningfully with people in a working world in flux?

Says Carryn Dewing, head of internal communications at New Media: “The future of work arrived ahead of schedule, leaving employees and employers reeling. We saw the need for a holistic view of the many and complex shifts in the world of work to help leaders, communication practitioners, and people teams make sense of these changes and how they will impact the way employees experience work into the future.”

In the Internal Comms Trends Tracker 2021-22, New Media’s internal communications team identifies the biggest changes to the world of work, observes and unpacks workplace trends, and asks some Big Questions about how these factors shape the way employees experience the world of work and their place in it.

The report features insights into:

  • The employee experience
  • The when, where and why of work
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Leadership
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Technology
  • The multi-generational workplace
  • Climate change
  • The employee of the future

Says New Media CEO Aileen Lamb: “I’m incredibly proud of this ground-breaking report. As a business leader navigating these extraordinary times, I’ve found it enlightening, thought-provoking and inspiring. In fact, the research and insights included in the Internal Comms Trends Tracker 2021-22 are informing some of New Media’s own internal step-changes as we embrace a hybrid working culture. I particularly love the very human focus of this report – prioritising our people, understanding their unique circumstances and communicating with them meaningfully is something we take seriously as a business. I’m heartened to see that authentic and empathetic leadership and communication is a trend that’s really gaining momentum across the spectrum of businesses locally and globally.”

New Media’s Internal Comms Trends Tracker 2021-22 is available for free at The report is based on the combined experience of New Media’s internal communications team plus research; analysis of white papers; conversations with clients, leaders and internal comms professionals; and a partnership with trends forecasting experts Flux Trends.

Says Atka Young, head of content strategy for internal communications at New Media: “Our insights are gleaned from working with some of the continent’s most progressive companies to navigate and communicate several big shifts – none as potent as the events of the past two years. We’ve seen first-hand the profound effect both good and bad communication has on the employee experience. A company’s ability to communicate in an inclusive, clear, and consistent way is critical to retaining its people and positioning itself as a desirable place to work.”

The future of work has arrived. It’s hybrid, productive, flexible, self-aware and more human than ever before. And it’s going to keep evolving. The Internal Comms Trends Tracker 2021-22 is the first in a series of reports that will not only track the shifts in the world of work, but look ahead at the trends shaping the inevitable next wave of change.

Dewing concludes: “Businesses that are serious about winning the war for talent will embrace this opportunity to step up and demonstrate their commitment to understanding the changing needs of their most valuable assets – their people.”

About New Media’s Internal Communications team

Our team of specialists in storytelling, strategy, editing and design has a total of more than 50 years’ experience in internal communications and employee engagement. We’re privileged to work with some of Africa’s top employers, who inspire us every day with their progressive thinking and demand for excellence. But our team’s real strength lies in our curiosity about the evolving world of work (as well as our love for a good research rabbit hole!) and our understanding of the power of internal communications to connect employees at a meaningful level to their organisation’s purpose – and to each another.

In November 2021, the team claimed third place in the Best Content Team category of the prestigious International Content Marketing Awards in London. The award recognises teams that excel in meeting briefs while showcasing innovation, creativity, ROI, growth and high-quality content.

14 Apr 2022 12:10