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Primedia Outdoor is a national outdoor advertising media specialist. Part of the Out-of- Home division of Primedia (Pty) Ltd, Primedia Outdoor focuses primarily on the marketing and selling of outdoor advertising signage.
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Primedia Outdoor continues to evolve AVR technology, now including colour recognitionFollowing the positive results and ROI of Primedia Outdoor's Prime(i) Road and Prime(i) Mall technology and product offering, this innovative AVR (Anonymous Vehicle Recognition) technology has evolved even further and now includes colour recognition - another improvement giving brands the opportunity to reach their target market in a more effective and efficient manner, leaving a lasting impression. 6 Aug 2021 Read more

Primedia Outdoor augments Huawei Joburg Day by increasing reach across networkFor the first time ever, Huawei Joburg Day was streamed live across multiple Urban Digital LED screens in Primedia Outdoor's network in Johannesburg. The event, which took place on Friday, 28 May 2021, achieved a significant brand presence by driving commuters to listen to 947 or watch the free event on YouTube on their mobile phones, in their homes, their cars or their backyards. 26 Jul 2021 Read more

Primedia Outdoor supports the launch of Samsung's epic Galaxy S21 5G Series with an innovative multi-format campaignSamsung, one of the world's most renowned electronic brands and South Africa's most popular mobile phone provider, recently partnered with Primedia Outdoor in launching the all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Series smartphone with an eye-catching out of home campaign in the roadside and mall environment. 8 Jun 2021 Read more

Primedia Outdoor expands mall digital impact footprint in South AfricaWith a multitude of different out of home (OOH) media platforms throughout Primedia Outdoor's mall holding across South Africa, advertisers have the opportunity to reach shoppers with mall advertising when they are in a buying state of mind within the shopping environment. With advertising rights to over 40 malls across South Africa, Primedia Outdoor is able to position brands in an impactful and scalable manner to the right audience at the right time in the ideal environment conducive to a buying action. 19 Apr 2021 Read more

Primedia Outdoor celebrates Valentine's Day once again with its outstanding #PrimediaBigLove campaignFor the third consecutive year, Primedia Outdoor celebrated Valentine's Day in the most extraordinary way with its renowned #PrimediaBigLove campaign. The campaign invites the public to send their loved ones a personalised message via their social media platforms Twitter and Facebook and then have their message displayed across Primedia Outdoor's digital screens on roadside and in mall environments. 23 Feb 2021 Read more

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