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SAICA is the professional home of #DifferenceMakers - A community of passionate accountants who are leaders in business, government, and the communities they serve. CA(SA); AGA(SA) and AT(SA).
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What if the audit profession had an amplified voice?
The last five years have seen an improvement in the audit profession when it comes to audit failures. Is this evidence that the entire financial ecosystem finally understands the importance of taking responsibility for the audit process or is it because of the increase in legislative mandate and high scrutiny that is currently imposed on the audit profession? 17 Jul 2024 Read more

Navigating emerging technologies in the audit profession
While many audit tools and methods have evolved over time, the practice of audit has been in existence for years. But how do we as auditors stay ahead of the curve of emerging technologies? 10 Jul 2024 Read more

Mastering effective communication in small business is the key to success
In the dynamic landscape of small businesses, effective communication stands as a cornerstone for success. It’s not merely about exchanging information but fostering relationships, aligning goals, and driving growth. Clear and strategic communication can transform the trajectory of a small business, enhancing productivity, team morale, and customer satisfaction. Let's explore how mastering effective communication can unlock the full potential of small businesses. 9 Jul 2024 Read more

Over 3350 learners to attend the Saica Fasset development camps this Youth month
More than 3,350 high school learners will attend the Fasset Saica development camps across South Africa’s nine provinces this youth month to harness their academic potential and achieve the results needed to pursue careers in high-demand professions. 21 Jun 2024 Read more

International Accounting Standards Board proposes new disclosures for business acquisitions
To improve the information available to investors about business acquisitions, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has issued an Exposure Draft (ED) with proposed amendments to IFRS 3 Business Combinations and IAS 36 Impairment of Assets. 4 Jun 2024 Read more

Keeping up with the Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity (FICE)
The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) released an Exposure Draft (ED) in November 2023 to address ambiguities in IAS 32 and to enhance comparability in financial statements. 3 Jun 2024 Read more

Directors’ role as the cornerstone of the governance ecosystem
The governance ecosystem is touted to give accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility as the pillars on which corporate governance is built to all stakeholders and sanction or root out perverse conduct in an appropriate and balanced manner. This should keep the equilibrium of all stakeholders’ rights and obligations in check. 25 Apr 2024 Read more

2-pot system: Key considerations before you withdraw your retirement savings
The retirement funds industry is poised to implement the long-awaited two-pot system, effective 1 September 2024, granting members partial access to their retirement savings. However, there is a critical need for education and managing members' expectations due to prevalent misinformation. Members must stay informed through their respective funds’ communications to understand the process of accessing these funds fully. While many members grasp the concept of a R30,000 withdrawal, other crucial considerations remain overlooked. Kedibone Sono CA(SA), SAICA project director for members in business (technical), sheds light on these considerations, alongside the challenges members need to navigate while assessing their savings. 27 Mar 2024 Read more

Saica launches business podcast to empower small businesses
The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) is delighted to launch the Saica BIZ Impact Podcast, a dynamic platform which aims to simplify complex business topics and empower small medium businesses (SMEs) to thrive. 19 Mar 2024 Read more

Accountancy and loss adjusting
There is no longer space to think of the accountant in the traditional sense. The role, responsibility and professional competence of an accountant has grown significantly in the modern era with the profession branching into blockchain, AI and the likes, with limitless reach across the globe by means of ever improving technology. But one area where the accountant can flourish, and which does not often come to mind, is the accountant’s career options within the insurance industry. One such career is that of the loss adjuster. 15 Mar 2024 Read more

Making the auditing profession attractive to Gen Z
The auditing profession is evolving to attract Gen Z talent, showcasing diverse career paths, a strong focus on continuous learning, and a commitment to developing future-oriented skills. These strategies address the challenges of competing with emerging Stem careers and the outdated perception of auditing being dull and theoretical. 8 Mar 2024 Read more

South African auditing profession debating the adoption of a new International Standard
The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) published a new auditing standard, the International Standard on Auditing for Audits of Financial Statements of Less Complex Entities (the ISA for LCE), on 6 December 2023. This auditing standard may only be applied in territories where it has been adopted for use. The adoption of this auditing standard in South Africa is currently a highly debated topic within the South African auditing profession. 5 Mar 2024 Read more

Empowered and inspirational women: The entrepreneurial journey of Zanele Maduna
Zanele Maduna, is a remarkable trailblazing woman from Boitumelo, Gauteng, who took a giant leap to create a business with a profound mission – No-Valo. 1 Mar 2024 Read more

Saica wishes first-year tertiary students a remarkable 2024
As you embark on this exciting chapter of your life, transitioning from school to tertiary education, Saica extends heartfelt wishes for an extraordinary, fulfilling year ahead. 29 Feb 2024 Read more

The sustainability of sustainability
Over the last five years, the growth in sustainability as a topic, as a principle, and as a guideline has been quite exceptional. Sustainability is front of mind of most corporate strategy documents and is becoming a key performance indicator of note, and many digital publications these days have various images containing sustainability related visuals from rivers to trees, leaves, forests and nature; and that is all positive. 14 Feb 2024 Read more

Thought-provoking deliberations at the IPSASB Strategy and Work Program Consultation Roundtable
The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica), in collaboration with the Accounting Standards Board (ASB), hosted the IPSASB 2024-2028 Strategy and Work Program Consultation Roundtable (the Roundtable) to give South Africa constituents an opportunity to comment on the proposed strategy and work program. The Roundtable was attended by the Staff and Board Member of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB). 9 Feb 2024 Read more

From cradle to corner office: Saica's holistic approach to learning and development
In a landscape where challenges exist in mathematics as a gateway subject, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) recognises the imperative role education plays in shaping the future of chartered accountancy. As the primary destination for qualified candidates, Saica is not only committed to addressing the decline in the pool of potential candidates and fortifying the profession but also making a difference through its transformation initiatives to ensure that the country’s unequal socio-economical backdrop is not a barrier to access. 8 Feb 2024 Read more

Time is ripe to review the calculation of a public interest score
The call to have a periodic review of the public interest score (PI score) and its associated requirements should not be seen as a call to have a review every two months like how the Reserve Bank has monetary policy meetings to set the interest rate. Walter Bhengu, Saica project director for Legislation and Governance explains why SAICA’s call is one that seeks to review the PI score requirements that have been in place since 2011 despite the value of the rand being eroded by inflation over the years and the commercial environment evolving. 23 Jan 2024 Read more

Graduates of Saica’s Enterprise Development Flagship Programme are lifting township economy
In unlocking South Africa’s township economy, Evergrow Seedlings, an agribusiness startup founded in Soweto has grown significantly since its establishment in 2018 to become a prominent contributor in creating opportunities for locals. 11 Dec 2023 Read more

SAICA congratulates Keshni Kuni on her appointment as member of IASB Global Preparers Forum
The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) congratulates Keshni Kuni, executive head of IFRS reporting and advisory, tax accounting and reporting at the Standard Bank Group South Africa, for her appointment to the International Accounting Standards Board’s (IASB) Global Preparers Forum (GPF) for an initial five-year term. 8 Dec 2023 Read more

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