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How to effectively use rugs in your homeFor centuries, rugs have adorned homes around the world, no matter the size, the location or the materials and, today, still form a fundamental part of the home décor category. When planning the décor of your room, one seldom stops and thinks why we place rugs the way we do, but chatting the team from Dial A Rug, it has become very clear to us that one should be taking more time to plan as to the location of rugs in the home, and what it can do for the space as a whole. 9 Jul 2021 Read more

10 beginner tips to increase your Google ranking fastSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is not a new or uncommon term in the world of online business. SEO strategies are known to improve search engine rankings and by using a reputable SEO company, SEO can become key in improving the organic search traffic of businesses, driving future success. 22 Jun 2021 Read more

An introduction of the FSCA boardWhat is the FSCA? 15 Jun 2021 Read more

Why should you invest in an Acer laptop?Acer is a well-known name in the computer industry, boasting with decades behind it in manufacturing some of the best laptops in the world. Acer laptops can be purchased from several distributers in South Africa, and PC International not only has a range of Acer laptops for sale from its online store but also offers these laptops, and other components, at affordable prices. 25 May 2021 Read more

5 key reasons why health and safety e-learning is essential (and not overrated)E-learning used to be an unfamiliar and unexplored concept as opposed to face-to-face training, however, in recent years, this concept has exploded in popularity attributed to improvements in internet availability, provision and the quality thereof. 19 Aug 2020 Read more

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