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How BusinessTech became South Africa's largest business publication

BusinessTech is the largest business news website in the country, and is read by eight million South Africans every month.
How BusinessTech became South Africa's largest business publication

This audience consists of South African professionals, managers, business owners, and executives, including:
  • 1.5 million managers
  • 900,000 business owners
  • 860,000 executives
  • 118,000 CEOs and directors

BusinessTech’s strong audience is thanks to its focus on reliable business news and ensuring it covers the latest topics affecting the South African economy.

This has not only allowed it to build up a loyal readership of C-level executives, business owners and professionals, but made it the go-to business news website for South Africans who need in-depth coverage of breaking news.

Big growth as South Africa goes online

BusinessTech’s growth over 2019 and the start of 2020 has been impressive, but its audiences numbers truly took off when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

With businesses and employees moving online and working remotely, BusinessTech saw a huge spike in traffic. This was due to:
  • South Africans needing daily updates on the Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown.
  • Businesses and employees adopting a digital-first approach – resulting in online news websites being in high demand as sources of trusted information

The graph below shows how BusinessTech’s South African audience has grown over the past year – increasing from just over three million readers in May 2019 to over eight million readers in May 2020.

How BusinessTech became South Africa's largest business publication
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Data-driven journalism

BusinessTech editor Gareth Vorster said with companies and employees drastically changing the way they operate and work, people need quick access to trusted information to inform their decision making.

This is exactly what BusinessTech provides, thanks to its focus on data-driven journalism and accurate, up-to-the-minute news coverage.

“We will always ensure that our readers remain up to date with the latest news as they navigate through an ever-changing business environment,” said Vorster.

19 Jun 2020 10:59