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3 tips to conquer exam stress

It may be all too easy to pass off our children's high school exam worries, but their stress is real, and it is imperative that parents help guide their children to cope with these stresses to excel in school and in life.
3 tips to conquer exam stressWhen it comes to high school, nothing is more stressful than exam preparation. Sonica Koopman, product manager at learning company, Pearson South Africa says it is important to tap into all the coping mechanisms to help our children excel at school. “Parents or guardians need to deeply understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses in order to help bridge the gaps where necessary.”

When it comes to overcoming weaknesses, Koopman says this comes in the form of mental and physical techniques that can help our children ease the pressure and calm the mind.

1. Time is the most crucial resource

Koopman believes time to be the most precious resource when it comes to exam preparation. “If you manage your time correctly, you will have ample time to absorb what you need to learn. The problem is that teenagers are not the best at self-management so they may need their parents to help manage their schedules to ensure the right amount of studying is done.”

Research has shown that effective time management helps reduce stress. Koopman says there are plenty of time management apps that can be downloaded onto the learner’s phone to help them manage their study time and practice exams for each subject.

2. Get the right study materials

As one of the leading study material publishers in the country, Pearson South Africa knows the importance of preparation. “Study guides are essential as they are directly linked to the current curriculum and provide learners with an opportunity to engage with the subject matter in their own time and in a language they can understand.”

All the books published by Pearson are in accordance with the school curriculum in order to be tied to learning progressions expected from the institution. For instance, all X-kit Achieve books are written by expert teachers to ensure that the materials contained within are exactly what student’s need according to the current curriculum.

Pearson South Africa have even converted all their hard-copy educational content into eBooks, which are available on the Pearson eStore

3. Healthy body, healthy mind

Stress can tear the body and mind apart, so Koopman advises that all learners understand that balance is the key to exam success, which begins with a healthy mindset and a healthy body.

“Schedule time to go outside and be active. This is not only to stay fit and increase energy levels but does wonders for mental health as you increase blood flow to your brain and your body. Exercise releases vital endorphins that help your mind cope with the stress,” says Koopman.

Above all things, Koopman says that parents and learners need to realise that there are an endless number of resources that can be found online. “Find the advice that works for you, but keep in mind that not all of it will work so it is important to discuss these steps with a learning professional to ensure you are doing it right.”

23 Mar 2022 13:53