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April Fools' Day: From Lucky Star's custard-infused pilchards to Makro's Hot Cross Wors Bun

The annual custom of April Fools' Day has come and gone, and over the years, brands have made a point to partake in the lighthearted fun with attempts to 'fool' the public into falling for fake product launches - all in the name of marketing and (hopefully) customer engagement.

Love it or hate it, here are some of the pranks concocted by retail brands this year.


Woolies announced the launch of a rather unsavoury duo - at least for most- by combining two of its Woolies brands, WBeauty and Chuckles by introducing a limited-edition range of bath and beauty treats.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star announced an exciting new limited-edition vanilla custard-infused Pilchards!


OneDayOnly’s April Fool’s gag saw the online retailer issuing a statement that led many shoppers to head to the platform looking for the 'censored' content.


Makro introduced the Hot Cross Wors Bun for a limited time only. Described as the perfect fusion of flavours - a sweet Easter hot cross bun packed with its world-famous spicy wors sausage.

Makro later tweeted, "Gotcha! April Fools..." Luckily, they haven't created a Hot Cross Wors Bun!


Lego once again couldn't resist jumping in on the fun by introducing the first supersized Lego set designed for expert builders who want to go bigger and better.

Surely, for many Lego fans out there, this would be a dream come true!

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