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LinkedIn news team launches 3 games

LinkedIn has ventured into the gaming industry. As of last week users can enjoy three distinct games Pinpoint, Queens, and Crossclimb - either through the LinkedIn mobile app or desktop version.

Each game can be played once per day, with post-session access to various metrics like high scores and daily streaks, along with leaderboards showcasing player rankings. These games are accessible under the LinkedIn News and My Network section on desktop or the My Network tab on mobile.

According to reports, these games have been developed by the LinkedIn news team who were inspired by renowned newspapers like The New York Times, which have long offered word and logic games such as crosswords. The New York Times has built a diverse portfolio of puzzles over the years, with some developed in-house and others acquired, like the viral hit Wordle in 2022.

With over 1 billion users, LinkedIn has been strategically enhancing its news and content operations to bolster engagement on its platform. Similar to traditional newspapers, it has an advertising business and offers paywalls for more access.

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